Lee Sora: Love After Divorce Star Now Works at TikTok

Charting undiscovered territory, ten divorced singles give love another chance in Netflix’s ‘Love After Divorce.’ The dating reality series chronicles the journey of ten individuals as they seek to find the right partner. With minimal limitations and no intrusion, the singles have the chance to connect with each other without interruptions. However, as the past comes to the fore, they start wondering if they can accommodate someone else in their life. Lee Sora is one of the singles who explores the vivacity of love in the series. Given her matter-of-the-fact personality, fans have continued to wonder more about the television personality. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Lee Sora’s Love After Divorce Journey

Wed to an Italian-American in the past, Sora didn’t have the most uncomplicated marriage. Initially, the television personality had a loving husband who would dote on her and even buy luxurious gifts and cars. However, over time, he became verbally and emotionally abusive towards her. At one point, she was even physically hurt in her marriage. Walking away from her past trauma, Sora had hoped to find a renewed outlook on love in Cancun. From the get-go, Sora was proactive and tried to establish a connection with members of the house. However, despite striking up a conversation with multiple people, she still didn’t find the love she thought she would.

Initially, she gravitated toward Ricky and even dropped hints about her growing affection for him. However, the latter didn’t follow through on her actions as he remained unaware of the hints she dropped. Sora also explored a connection with Jimi. When the two went out on a date, she was struck by his gentlemanly qualities. Having been on the giving end throughout her past romantic relationships, Sora was amazed at the caring nature of the men in the house. Nevertheless, despite creating a close bond with several singles, she found it hard to give her heart away to any of them. Even so, she walked away from the season with a treasure trove of memories. In the reunion episodes, Sora even attended Benita and Jerome’s housewarming party and continued to banter with Ji-su, Dewey, and Tom.

Where is Lee Sora Now?

Since making her mark on reality television, Lee Sora has continued to climb the ladder of success as an individual. Having gained a renewed perspective on love, she is now creating new memories with her friends and family. In addition to sharing a prosperous career, Sora also shares the maternal responsibilities of her four-year-old son, Jackson. When she’s not doting on her son and spending time with him, she’s engrossed in her work.

Sora is currently the Global Head of Product Marketing at TikTok. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, Sora has secured her MBA, too. Now, she remains steadfast on the path of growth. Over the years, the 33-year-old has held significant leadership positions. She was consequential in launching Netflic across North America, Australia, New Zealand, and even the Oceania and Asia regions. She has worked as a Co-Founder of a VR Hardware Startup and has been a Lecturer at the Haas School of Business, too.

In addition to this, she worked with Meta for six years, where she spearheaded several monumental projects for the company. With almost two decades of experience as a working professional, Sora is committed to creating unprecedented growth and furthering her career. The television personality hopes to climb the ladder of success and become the CEO of a major company in the future. With intersectional knowledge that remains instrumental in today’s tech world, Sora hopes to leverage customer and market insights to influence product roadmap through her work.

Besides a booming career, Sora is an online creator, too. Fans can discover the latest updates about her life on social media and even subscribe to her YouTube channel. She loves sharing sweet moments of motherhood on Instagram. Most recently, the television personality has also shared snippets of her reunion with cast members online. So, even though romance is not on the cards for Sora at the moment, it is apparent that several great things still await her in the future!

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