A Mother’s Intuition: Is The Lifetime Movie Rooted in Reality?

The Cas Sigers-Beedles directorial, Lifetime’s ‘A Mother’s Intuition,’ is a drama film that stars Denise Boutee as Toni Lane, a pregnant young sculptor who is excited and looking forward to a new beginning for herself and her baby. Upon going into labor, she jets off to the hospital and becomes a mother, but the joy of the occasion turns into worry when her newborn goes missing from the hospital. While the hospital gives several explanations for the baby’s unexpected disappearance, she refuses to listen to any of them as she accuses them of swapping her baby.

So, with the help of a charming investigator, the brilliant sculptor begins an investigation of her own to get to the bottom of the case. Worried and heartbroken, Toni slowly discovers the twisted and dark truth behind her missing newborn, shattering her world. Apart from Denise, the movie features other talented actors in supporting roles, including Matt Cedeno, Brely Evans, and Tamar Braxton. Shedding light on some real-life issues, such as motherhood and the disappearance of newborns from hospitals, the Cas Sigers-Beedles directorial pops the question about the authenticity of the tale in the minds of the viewers.

A Mother’s Intuition is Not Based on True Events

No, ‘A Mother’s Intuition’ is not based on a true story. Instead, the credit for the eye-opening and thought-provoking story must be given to Nicole D. Sconiers, an author and screenwriter who made the most of her creative mind and brilliant writing skills to craft the gripping screenplay for the Lifetime movie. Possibly, she even accommodated a few true-to-life issues, including racial discrimination in healthcare, maternal mortality rates, and mental health, within the storyline to raise awareness among the viewers.

For instance, a 1964 case about a one-day-old baby named Paul Joseph Fronczak missing from a Chicago hospital made headlines. After his mother, Dora, gave birth to Paul, she left the baby in the nursery with other babies for the night. However, the next morning, a woman impersonating a nurse came into Dora’s room and took the newborn for some tests recommended by the doctor, never to return. It took the authorities a couple of years to find the stolen child left abandoned in Newark, New Jersey.

Furthermore, you might find the themes and elements of the film familiar due to the fact that they have been explored in various other movies and TV shows. One of the aptest examples has to be that of the 2007 crime thriller film ‘My Baby Is Missing.’ Helmed by
Neill Fearnley, the movie revolves around Jenna Davis, a stressed-out pregnant woman who is aided by a nurse at her home who gives her some pills to make her sleep. When she wakes up at the hospital, they tell her that she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl.

However, as more things about the baby come to light, Jenna suspects that her child is alive and stolen from her by the nurse who put her to sleep. With an investigation surrounding a newborn at the heart of the narrative, ‘My Baby Is Missing’ shares similar threads with ‘A Mother’s Intuition.’ Thus, it can be concluded that even though the Denise Boutee starrer consists of realistic themes, it doesn’t change the fact that it is not rooted in reality.

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