A Mother’s Intuition: Where Was the Lifetime Movie Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With director Cas Sigers-Beedles at the helm, ‘A Mother’s Intuition‘ narrates a harrowing tale of a young mother’s relentless pursuit of the truth behind a hospital’s malicious activities. Toni Lane is a young sculptor who gives birth to a healthy baby, but shortly afterward is informed by the doctors that it was a stillborn birth. Refusing to believe them because of her intuition, she seeks help from family friends, and the authorities. With her pleas largely falling on deaf ears, she takes matters into her own hands and sets off on a thrilling journey to uncover the unsettling realities hidden by the doctors’ facades.

Inspired by a true story, the shocking film deals with themes of motherhood, loss, and mental illness. Its chilling plot meticulously unfolds while reserving riveting twists towards the end. The movie is set in a quaint town with lush surroundings and unfolds around suburban homes and sanitized interiors of the medical center. With the protagonist venturing into the hospital’s dark underbelly, some may find themselves wondering where shooting for the movie took place.

A Mother’s Intuition Filming Locations

‘A Mother’s Intuition‘ was filmed in and around the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Principal photography commenced in early November 2022 and was wrapped up within a few weeks, before the end of the month. With an extremely tight filming schedule, lead actress Denise Boutte shared her behind-the-scenes experience on a social media post.

Whilst speaking on the phone, her child had to remind her that the time was not 10 am, but 10 pm. “When you are working on set you have no concept of time, you don’t know what day it is, what time it is,” said the actress in a video she shared. Let us take a closer look at the filming locations behind the Lifetime movie.

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia’s capital city and the locations around it were used to comprehensively create the settings of ‘A Mother’s Intuition.’ Shooting was carried out on location, as well as in filming properties that stood in for the characters’ homes and the hospital. On the periphery of Atlanta, a tapestry of small-town locations can be utilized by filmmakers as a unique canvas that adds depth and authenticity to their true story-based narrative. These locations offer the scenic and atmospheric elements required for storytelling, creating relatable backdrops that connect with the scenes. The role of studios, standing sets, and filming properties in Atlanta becomes crucial in bringing these narratives to life.

Studios provide controlled environments where filmmakers can recreate their intended interiors while enjoying the logistical advantages that come with a production facility. This synergy between authentic locations and diverse studios in and around Atlanta allows filmmakers to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, showcasing the diversity and richness of the cinematic offerings in the region. With its diverse cityscape, verdant outdoor areas, and robust local film industry, Lifetime movies frequently find their filming destinations set in Atlanta. These include, ‘The Perfect In-Laws,’ ‘The Kept Mistress Killer,’ ‘Murder at the Country Club,’ ‘Nightmare School Moms,’ and ‘The Neighbors Are Watching.’

A Mother’s Intuition Cast

Putting on the garb of Toni Lane is actress Denise Boutte. Denise is a versatile performer who can be seen in productions like ‘Why Did I Get Married?,’ ‘Kombucha Cure,’ ‘The Young and the Restless,’ ‘Terror Lake Drive,’ and ‘Christmas with My Ex.’ Supporting her as Julian Cardenas is the talented actor, Matt Cedeño. Matt can be recognized for his performance of The Highest in ‘Ruthless,’ Vasquez in ‘Z Nation,’ and Brandon Walker in ‘Days of Our Lives.’

Actress and producer Tamar Braxton essays Dr. Chandra. She can be spotted in ‘Kingdom Business’ as Sasha, and in ‘Christmas Angel’ as Tamar. Bringing her experience to the cast, Rachelle Carson-Begley enacts Dr. Linda Synder. You may have seen her in ‘But I’m a Cheerleader,’ ‘The Bling Ring,’ and ‘Barking Mad.’ Featuring in supporting roles are Mandy Corbett as Leslie, Hannah Marie Dahl as Aimee Chang, Michele Dawson as Paulette McDaniels, Brely Evans as Cicely, and Laura Garrido as Martina.

Other cast members include Kayla Gibson as Young Paulette, Marili Kateri as Nurse Landry, Jaynelle Lardizabal as Tina, Jeff Marchelletta as Dr. Ken Zarada, Andrew R. McCallister as News Reporter, Joaquin Montes as Ramon Cardenas, and Angie Patterson Muto as Emily Michaels. Further rounding out the cast are Chuanica Pickard as Nurse Kathy, Hazel Renee as Simone, Karon Riley as Alphonso Lane, Laurin Sampson as Young Toni lane, Cecelia Specht as Dr. Levine, Schwanda Winston as Dr. Chanda, Tina Witherby as Lynn Shannon, and Marquelle Young as Trina.

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