Lifetime’s The Kept Mistress Killer: Filming Locations and Cast Details

The Jeff Hare directorial, Lifetime’s ‘The Kept Mistress Killer,’ is a thriller film that centers upon one beautiful and attractive Catherine Brunner, who interviews for a new job as a financial trader at one of the leading investment firms. Impressed with her and envisioning her in the top positions at the firm, the CEO of the company, charming Paul Burke, hires her right away. Given the instant chemistry between Catherine and Paul, it doesn’t take long for them to fall head over heels in love with each other.

All is going well until one morning when Catherine wakes up alone in Paul’s mansion after a business party night and discovers the dead body of his ex-wife downstairs. Whether it is Paul’s lavish house or his office, the story unfolds in a multitude of several interesting locations. So, it is natural if you wish to find out more about the actual filming sites of ‘The Kept Mistress Killer.’ In that case, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

The Kept Mistress Killer: Where Was it Filmed?

‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ was filmed in Georgia, particularly in and around Atlanta. According to reports, principal photography for the Jeff Hare directorial commenced in September 2022 and wrapped up in less than a month or so, in early October of the same year. So, without wasting any time, let us navigate you through all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Lifetime movie!

Atlanta, Georgia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ were lensed in Atlanta with the production team setting up camp in various sites across the city to shoot different scenes against suitable backdrops. For instance, most of the interior portions, including the office and lavish residence of Paul Burke, were recorded on location inside actual establishments and properties in the city. As far as the exteriors are concerned, they were also mostly taped outdoors using the locales of different streets and neighborhoods.

However, there is a possibility that the filming unit utilized the facilities of one of the film studios situated in and around Atlanta to shoot some key portions of the thriller movie. Some of the filmmakers’ favorite production studios in the area are Trillith Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, Shadowbox Studios, and Third Rail Studios. With the cityscape of Atlanta seemingly being a regular feature throughout the film, you are likely to spot a number of popular buildings and monuments in the backdrop of different scenes, such as the Bank of America Plaza, Truist Plaza, One Atlantic Center, Georgia Pacific Tower, the World of Coca-Cola, the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

The Kept Mistress Killer Cast

While Alicia Leigh Willis essays the role of Catherine Brunner, Matthew Pohlkamp portrays Paul Burke, Catherine’s love interest, in the Lifetime movie. The former is the daughter of actor David E. Willis and has bagged some important roles in a wide range of films and TV shows, which is the reason why you might recognize her face. She features in ‘Christmas at the Greenbrier,’ ‘She Is Not Your Daughter,’ ‘The Shoplifting Pact,’ ‘Stolen in Her Sleep,’ ‘The Bay,’ and ‘General Hospital.’

On the other hand, Matthew has had a long and fruitful acting career. Many of you might find his face familiar because he has been featured in many productions, such as ‘Twisted Sister,’ ‘My Nightmare Office Affair,’ ‘Student Seduction,’ ‘The Case of the Christmas Diamond,’ ‘The Wrong Blind Date,’ and ‘Her Deadly Boyfriend.’

Other cast members who play supporting yet pivotal roles in the thriller movie are Sallie Glaner (Hailey), Kim Grant (Detective Barr), Jessie Vaughn (Skye), Brittney Q. Hill (Pam), Ashton Leigh (Jackie), Brooks Ryan (Sol), and Gregory M. Mitchell (Andrew Carpenter). Furthermore, Rachael Murphy (Julia), Gabby Fenimore (Zoey), Paul Van Scott (Lou Dryden), Alon McKlveen (Denny), Carson Gage Hernandez (Valet Vinny), and Jeff Huth (Luke) feature in the movie as well.

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