The Kept Mistress Killer: Is the Lifetime Movie Based on a Real Case?

Lifetime’s ‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ is a thriller movie that revolves around Catherine Brunner who interviews for Paul Burke’s investment firm, one of the leading firms in the industry, for the position of a financial trader. Acknowledging her potential and eyeing her romantically, Paul does not hesitate to hire her instantly. Giving away extravagant gifts and extra attention to her, he manages to get closer to her, and eventually, the two fall in love with one another.

One morning, after the night of a business party, Catherine finds herself waking up alone in Paul’s mansion. Upon reaching downstairs, there is a drastic change of events when she finds the dead body of his ex-wife. Starring Alicia Leigh Willis, Matthew Pohlkamp, Sallie Glaner, Kim Grant, and Jessie Vaughn, the thriller film touches upon some realistic themes of romance between a boss and an employee, and an unexpected murder mystery. This, naturally, causes many viewers to pose the question — is ‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ based on a true story? Well, let’s explore the same in detail, shall we?

The Kept Mistress Killer is a Fictional Murder Mystery

‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ is not based on a true story. Instead, the gripping murder-mystery tale can be credited to the screenwriter Stephen Romano. Given his experience in screenwriting for numerous movies, such as ‘Triple Threat,’ ‘Next-Door Nightmare,’ ‘Escaping My Stalker,’ and ‘Deadly Influencer,’ and his excellent penmanship, he was able to craft an intriguing and seemingly true-to-life screenplay for the Lifetime movie.

There are two predominant themes embedded in the narrative — a boss and employee romance and a whodunnit murder mystery. As for the former subject matter, it is not something unheard of in real life as workplace romances are quite common. Moreover, it has been portrayed in a number of movies and TV shows over the years, such as the 2002 comedy film ‘Two Weeks Notice‘ and the 2009 Ryan Reynolds starrer ‘The Proposal.’

The theme of a murder mystery is realistic in the sense that unexplained murders tend to take place in real life as well. Moreover, what makes it feel familiar to many of you is the fact that it has been explored in many film projects. One of the aptest examples has to be that of the 2010 mystery thriller film titled ‘Ties That Bind.’ Directed by Frédéric D’Amours, the narrative revolves around Hope, who leaves the comfort of her suburban life and gets involved in solving the murder case of her best friend, Rachel.

Just like Catherine in ‘The Kept Mistress Killer,’ Hope also gets thrust into a murder mystery case where nothing is what it appears to be. So, by taking into account all the above-mentioned points, we can come to the conclusion that despite having a number of realistic themes and elements, Lifetime’s ‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ is not rooted in reality and in fact, is a work of fiction.

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