Where Was Lifetime’s The Wrong Blind Date Filmed?

Directed by David DeCoteau, Lifetime’s ‘The Wrong Blind Date’ is a thriller movie that follows a woman named Laura, who has just separated from her partner. So life has opened her to the world of online dating, where she meets a man who seems like the perfect man. However, he turns out to be someone whose intentions seem questionable. Lifetime thrillers are known for their seemingly ordinary settings that quickly become the ground zero for horrific incidents. This film is apparently not any different in that regard. So, if you want to know more about where this movie was lensed, here’s everything we have got!

The Wrong Blind Date Filming Locations

‘The Wrong Blind Date Filming’ was filmed in December 2021, with the production ending shortly before Christmas. The movie was produced by Images Resources Film & Video. Are you curious to know where it was shot? Let’s dive in for all the details about its filming location!

Los Angeles County, California

‘The Wrong Blind Date’ was filmed in the scenic heart of Los Angeles, California. The production house responsible for the film, Images Resources Film & Video, is stationed at 5525 Oakdale Avenue, Woodland Hills. Meredith Thomas, who plays Laura, was excited to share on-location pictures on social media, raving about the wonderful filming environment.

The City of Angels is considered the ideal filming location owing to its scenic views. In addition, it is filled with Hollywood attractions, beautiful beaches, theme parks. Moreover, it is home to the television, movie, and music industries. A few Lifetime movies filmed in LA include ‘Picture Perfect Lies,’ ‘Killer Stepmom, ‘ and ‘Wheels of Beauty.’

Other than that, the primary company that houses the movie is called Hybrid Entertainment. Founded in 2009, the production and post-production company is located at 3000 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica, in Los Angeles County. As a company, they focus on their storytelling and unique vision to reach out to the world through special pieces of art.

Over time, the versatility of the region has rendered it suitable for accomodating different genres of movies ranging from romance to musicals to shady thrillers. That includes ‘La La Land,‘ ‘Chinatown,’ ‘Mullholand Drive,’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard,’ to name a few. The movie industry is only expanding with time, and these famous productions, including Lifetime’s intriguing thrillers, are only examples of that.

The Wrong Blind Date Cast

The cast of ‘The Wrong Blind Date’ features Meredith Thomas as Laura, a newly divorced woman who is trying to revamp her love life. You must have previously seen the actor in Lifetime’s ‘The Wrong Boy Next Door’ and ‘Killer Advice.’ Vivica A. Fox stars as Beth, Laura’s therapist, who encourages her to get back into the dating game. Fox is a familiar face in Lifetime movies besides which her filmography includes ‘Independence Day,’ ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1,’ and ‘Batman & Robin.’

Matthew Pohlkamp plays Kevin, a mysterious young man who seems like the perfect match for Laura. The actor is known for his roles in ‘Here and Now’ and ‘Evil Nanny.’ Sofia Masson essays the role of Hannah, Laura’s daughter. Other actors in the cast include Clark Moore (Michael), Rainer Dawn (Noah), Jamie Bernadette (Mrs. Tyler), Lesli Kay (Angela), and Peter Daniel Adams (Jason).

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