Lifetime’s Twisted Sister: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

The Patricia Frontain directorial, ‘Twisted Sister,’ is a drama movie that revolves around Emily, who seems to be living a picture-perfect life — with a loving daughter, a successful PR firm, a significant amount of family inheritance, and a caring husband named Kyle moving back in after effective couples therapy. However, her life turns upside down when Lily arrives and claims to be her half-sister. While Emily gladly takes her newly found half-sister in with open arms, she notices a change in her husband’s behavior.

To confirm and prove her claims, Lily agrees to do a DNA test while she and Emily spend quality time together, growing so close that the latter invites her to work at the PR firm. Out of nowhere, Emily is poisoned, and Kyle doesn’t hesitate to blame Lily. But when her DNA test confirms they are genuinely sisters, Emily becomes suspicious of her husband instead. The Lifetime movie consists of a typical dramatic undertone like most of the network’s productions as the story unfolds in and around Emily’s house and PR firm, with the backdrop constantly changing as the story progresses. Thus, if you want to know where ‘Twisted Sister’ was filmed, let’s hunt down the places together, shall we?

Twisted Sister Filming Locations

‘Twisted Sister’ was filmed in California, particularly in and around Los Angeles. The principal photography for the drama movie reportedly commenced in early November 2022 under the working title ‘The Perfect Sister’ and wrapped up after a few weeks, within the same month. Given California’s vast and diverse landscape, it works as a fitting production location for different kinds of movies, including many Lifetime projects such as ‘Twisted Sister.’ So, without wasting much time, let us walk you through all the specific locations that appear in the movie!

Los Angeles, California

The versatile terrains of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas were used by the production team of ‘Twisted Sister’ as they set up camp at different sites of the city to shoot the drama movie. Apart from choosing suitable settings for most of the movie’s exterior scenes, the filming unit possibly taped most of the interior portions in one of the many film studios in and around the City of Angels. The area is home to many film studios, including those of prominent production companies such as Warner Bros., Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures.

Besides the fact that LA is a regular feature in many Lifetime projects, what makes the city a suitable filming site for ‘Twisted Sister’ is the presence of different locales and places in and around the city, which are essential to the story. Over the years, Los Angeles has hosted the production of many movies and TV shows. Apart from this Lifetime film, its locales have been featured in ‘The Fabelmans,’ ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ ‘To Leslie,’ ‘Shrinking,’ and ‘You.’

Twisted Sister Cast

Mena Suvari portrays a successful PR executive named Emily in the Lifetime movie. Mena bagged a role in the 1997 cult classic ‘Nowhere,’ 1999’s ‘American Pie‘ and ‘American Beauty,’ and ‘Rumor Has It.’  You might also recognize her from ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Chicago Fire,’ and ‘South of Hell.’

On the other hand, Joy Nash essays the role of Emily’s half-sister, Lily. The actress features in ‘Dietland,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ and ‘The Mindy Project.’ Other cast members include Mark Famiglietti (Kyle), Aina Dumlao (Aurora), Enya Flack (Cassie), Eileen Galindo (Mrs. Evans), and Darren Dupree Washington (Marty)/

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