Lifetime’s The Neighbors Are Watching: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Haylie Duff, ‘The Neighbors are Watching,’ also known as ‘The House Across the Road,’ is a suspenseful thriller film that follows a single woman, Amy Horton, who finds herself embroiled in a web of suspense and uncertainty as she endeavors to leave her haunting past behind. When a strikingly attractive neighbor, Henry Hatch, relocates across the street, she cannot help but notice his suspicious behavior, leading her to believe that he has committed a gruesome murder. Despite her desperate attempts to share this alarming revelation with those around her, Amy is met with skepticism and disbelief from everyone.

Left isolated and disillusioned, the resilient protagonist must confront not only the enigmatic neighbor but also her own haunting past as secrets unravel before her eyes at every twist and turn of the heart-pounding narrative of the Lifetime production. The friendly-looking neighborhood on the surface seems to hold a dark secret upon the arrival of Henry, making the viewers curious about the actual location of the street. If you have questions regarding the filming sites of ‘The Neighbors Are Watching,’ we have your back!

The Neighbors Are Watching Filming Locations

‘The Neighbors are Watching’ was filmed in the Huntington neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. The cast and crew members as well as the community came together to ensure a smooth production process. The principal photography of the film was reportedly carried out around April 2023. Now, let’s explore all the specific locations where the Lifetime movie’s production took place.

Atlanta, Georgia

‘The Neighbors Are Watching’ was shot in the capital of Georgia — Atlanta. In particular, most of the pivotal sequences were filmed in a small neighborhood of Huntington, which falls in the Fulton County of Atlanta City. Taped mostly during the nighttime, the cast and crew members of the movie were also helped by the actual neighbors in the Huntington area. The neighborhood offers the residents a dense urban feel, which complements the setting and vibe of the film. According to reports, the people living in the neighborhood were very accommodating to the filming schedules and even offered meals to the crew during the shoot.

The city of Atlanta has many neighborhoods, which are a mix of traditional, subdivisions, or groups of subdivisions. Some of them are officially designated while others are more informal. Furthermore, in the backdrop of several exterior portions, you may or may not spot some local attractions and establishments, such as Bank of America Plaza, the Georgia State Capitol, the World of Coca-Cola, and Centennial Olympic Park, to name a few. Apart from ‘The Neighbors Are Watching,’ Atlanta has also served as a filming site for ‘Reptile,’ ‘Pain Hustlers,’ ‘Prisoners,’ ‘Ozark,’ and ‘Watchmen.’

The Neighbors Are Watching Cast

In the intriguing movie, Kabby Borders takes on the role of Amy Horton, showcasing the same captivating presence she brought to her character in ‘Game Night.’ Her performance is complemented by the debut of Will Holland, a real estate agent based out of Atlanta, who steps into the shoes of Henry Hatch, marking a promising start to his film career. The film also features a talented ensemble cast, including Elena Kent as Betsy, bringing her experience from ‘Switched Up Christmas,’ and Deb Foster, who plays Nicole, a role distinct from her character in ‘Dirty Little Deeds.’

Jordan Frechtman, known for his work in ‘Soul Hunters,’ takes on the role of Jared, while Major Dodge from ‘Bomb City’ plays Detective Wilson. Adding to the film’s dynamic cast is Darius Devontaye Green as Detective Reese as well as ‘Hit Man’ fame Stephanie Hong, who brings her unique flair to the character of Gayle. The cast is rounded out by Stan B. Lackey as a Police Officer, Joanie Geiger as Jo Diaz, Henry Noble as Principal Richard Diaz, Daniel C Smith as Matt, Jessie Vaughn as Nikki, and Jerard McWhirter as Steve, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the movie’s storytelling.

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