Where Was Lifetime’s Murdaugh Murders: The Movie Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Based on a twisted true story, Lifetime’s ‘Murdaugh Murders: The Movie’ is a crime thriller film that centers upon the fall of the Murdaugh family as two of the members end up dead. Although the Murdaugh family has a lot of influence due to their wealthy history, Alex struggles to use his influence to prevent his family’s legacy from tarnishing after Paul gets involved in the death of a young girl in a boating accident. On one hand, Maggie tries to be there for Paul, and on the other hand, Alex keeps feeding into his secret opioid addiction by stealing insurance settlements from his own clients.

When it all becomes too much for the family, Maggie and Paul are found murdered while Alex becomes the prime suspect. The story unravels further when Alex gets nearly shot in the head, after which his lies begin to come out in the open. This leads to the unraveling of Alex’s life and his eventual arrest. The crime drama movie unfolds in a variety of locations in South Carolina, including the Murdaugh household, the courtroom, and the outdoor site where the murder occurs, keeping the viewers wondering if ‘Murdaugh Murders: The Movie’ was shot on location. If you are one such curious soul, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

Murdaugh Murders: The Movie Filming Locations

‘Murdaugh Murders: The Movie’ was filmed in the westernmost Canadian province of British Columbia, especially in Vancouver. According to reports, production on the crime film got underway in late May 2023 and wrapped up after more than a month, in July of the same year. Now, without wasting any time, let’s navigate all the specific locations where Alex Murdaugh commits the murders in the Lifetime production!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The shooting of Lifetime’s ‘Murdaugh Murders: The Movie’ was carried out in the major city of Vancouver, which is located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. Given the vastness and versatility of terrains in and around the city, it makes for an ideal stand-in location for several US cities. Thus, the filming unit decided to settle for Hollywood North as a suitable filming site for the film.

The cast and crew members supposedly set up camp inside an actual residential property while utilizing the facilities of a sound stage or two of one of the film studios in and around Vancouver, for taping other interior sequences. Besides ‘Murdaugh Murders: The Movie,’ the major city’s locales have been turned into film sets for a number of productions over the years, such as ‘Excess Baggage,’ ‘Bad Times at the El Royale,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ and ‘Prison Break.’

Murdaugh Murders: The Movie Cast

In the Lifetime movie, Bill Pullman plays the role of Alex Murdaugh, the perpetrator guilty of murdering his own wife and child. The New York native rose to prominence with his compelling performances in three films that showcased his versatility as an actor — ‘Ruthless People,’ ‘Spaceballs,’ and ‘The Accidental Tourist.’ From then on, a long and successful acting career waited for him as ever since then, he has been featured in a wide range of movies and TV shows, including ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown,’ ‘The Equalizer,’ ‘Walking Out,’ ‘Dark Waters,’ ‘The Sinner,’ ‘and ‘1600 Penn.’

Playing the role of Alex’s wife, Margaret Murdaugh, is Lauren K. Robek, a multi-talented actress who started out as a ballet dancer and smoothly transitioned to being an actor. Throughout her fruitful acting career, she has had several kinds of film and TV projects to her name. For instance, she stars in ‘Death of a Cheerleader,’ ‘The Prodigal Dad,’ ‘The Edge of Seventeen,’ ‘My New Best Friend,’ ‘Hell on Wheels,’ ‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code,’ and ‘Critters: A New Binge.’

A group of other talented actors also feature in the film as supporting actors, including Serge Houde as Jim Griffin, Tanja Dixon-Warren as Gloria Satterfield, Vanessa Walsh as Agent Andrea Carter, June B. Wilde as Becky Hill, Quinten James as Connor Cook, Jess Brown as Lindsey Edwards, Craig March as Dean Gilbert, and Michael Buie as Corey Flemming. Furthermore, Curtis Tweedie as Paul Murdaugh, Avril Nickolls as Mallory, Desiree Zurowski as Rebecca, Robyn Bradley as Isabelle Claybourne, Bobby Stewart as Judge Newman, and Lesley Mirza as Court Official, make the rest of the members of the cast.

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