The Sinner: Filming Locations Guide

‘The Sinner’ is an inventive murder mystery series that looks into the why of a crime rather than the who. To be clearer, the series creates its suspense around the motif behind the crime, rather than who committed it. Having received excellent reviews, the show has become one of the more popular thriller television series out there.

Moreover, it also boasts of a prominent cast member each season. Jessica Biel starred as the lead in the first season of the show, while Carrie Coon replaced her in the second, followed by Matt Bomer in the third. However, one recurring character is that of detective Harry Ambrose, who has investigated the cases in each of the three seasons. He is a detective working in New York and over time, has developed a knack for spotting crimes committed by seemingly normal people.

The first season of the show follows a young woman who stabs a man to death, but cannot recall why. Next, the second season sees detective Ambrose returning to his hometown, Keller in upstate New York. He investigates a mysterious case surrounding an eleven-year-old boy murdering his parents which leads to the spillage of several town secrets. Lastly, the third season follows a man who gets involved in a car crash which causes the death of his “friend.”

The Sinner Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where was ‘The Sinner’ filmed. Since each season of the show tells a different story, the setting is also slightly different. However, all the seasons are set in different parts of New York. For instance, Keller, in the second season was depicted to be located in upstate New York. In the third season, a fictional town named Dorchester is portrayed to be the setting since this is where Bomer’s character, Jamie lives. Dorchester is also shown to be located in upstate New York.

Season 3 Locations

As stated earlier, the third season of ‘The Sinner’ takes place in a fictional town known as Dorchester. The town is portrayed to be idyllic and largely dominated by sizeable private properties. But in reality, the show was actually filmed in and around New York City.

New York

According to local sources, filming for the season was carried out at Hartsdale Train Station in New York. Hartsdale is a hamlet located in Westchester County in New York. While filming, several residents noted how the sign had been changed to read “Dorchester” for filming purposes.

Apart from that, another twitter post reveals that filming had also been carried out on East 93rd Street in New York City, New York. You can see for yourself if you zoom into the street sign in the picture.

Furthermore, local sources also reveal that ‘The Sinner’ filmed a few scenes on Broadway & E 22nd Street.

Season 2 Locations

As mentioned earlier, the second season of ‘The Sinner’ is set in a town named Keller which is depicted to be located in upstate New York. So, which locations are used to depict Keller then?

The hamlet of Purchase in Harrison, Westchester County, New York was used to film a sizeable chunk of the second season of ‘The Sinner.’ The most iconic location from the hamlet that appears on the show is the Cobble Stone Restaurant on 620 Anderson Hill Road. The scene filmed here appears in the season finale.

Apart from that, the village of Piermont in Rockland County, New York was also utilized to film several scenes in the second season of the show. Moreover, the Edith Macy Conference Center on 550 Chappaqua Road in Briarcliff Manor, New York also served as a filming location for the season. The areas: Congers, Haverstraw, and Sloatsburg in Rockland County had also been used to film the show.

Lastly, Prospect Point at Niagara Falls was also made use of to shoot several scenes from the season.

Season 1 Locations

Just like the third and the second season of ‘The Sinner,’ the first season had also been filmed in New York. However, apart from that, some of the scenes of the show had also been shot in the state of South Carolina.

Returning to New York, Mt. Pleasant Justice Court on 1 Town Plaza in Valhalla, New York stood in for the Dorchester Police Department in the first episode of the series and also, the Somerset County Courthouse in the second and third episodes.

Furthermore, in the second, fourth and seventh episodes of the series, Tara Bar & Grill on 840 Midland Avenue in Yonkers, New York doubled up as Carl’s Taproom Bar & Grill. Plus, Fitzpatrick’s Pub on 2 Vermont Avenue in Congers, New York served as the filming location for the scene in the third episode where Mason and J.D. get into a fight.

Additionally, Pier 701 Restaurant & Bar on 701 Piermont Avenue in Piermont, New York is used to film the scene where Ambrose and his wife go for dinner at a restaurant in the fourth episode. Plus, the Belvedere Family Church on 723 S Broadway in Tarrytown, New York stands in for the Beverwyck Club in the fifth, sixth and seventh episodes of the season.