Lifetime’s The Perfect In-Laws: Filming and Cast Details Explored

With Ashley Jones occupying the director’s chair, Lifetime’s ‘The Perfect In-Laws’ is a thriller drama film that follows Audrey, who visits her husband Xander’s hometown in order to pay a visit to him and his family. Upon arriving, she finds out that Xander’s father passed away under mysterious circumstances. While most people believe that it was just an accident, Audrey suspects that there is more to her father-in-law’s death, especially after a series of odd and perplexing events unfold.

Out of all the family members and acquaintances of the victim, Audrey believes that Xander’s stepmother, Marelena, just might be the key to getting to the bottom of the death. The suspenseful tale is driven by the fast-paced changing of locations, including Xander’s residence, which makes many of you wonder where ‘The Perfect In-Laws’ was recorded.

The Perfect In-Laws Filming Locations

‘The Perfect In-Laws’ was shot entirely in the southeastern state of Georgia. In particular, the filming transpired in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in the Peach State, with the cast and crew members having a great time on set. The cameras began rolling in the month of February 2023 and wrapped up in a few weeks in March of the same year. Let’s traverse through the specific sites that complement the thrilling occurrences in Audrey’s world.

Metro Atlanta, Georgia

In order to film ‘The Perfect In-Laws,’ the cast and crew visited the Metro Atlanta region in Georgia. Specifically, the production team set up camp primarily in the capital city of Atlanta and seemingly in some of the neighboring locations in the area. Moving a bit southwest of downtown Atlanta, the world-renowned Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was chosen as one of the major filming sites of the Lifetime production. Situated at 6000 North Terminal Parkway Suite 4000, the international airport is reportedly one of the busiest airports in the world.

Over 50 miles from Atlanta, a minor portion of the thriller film was taped at Lake Lanier. Officially known as Lake Sidney Lanier, after the 18th-century poet, the reservoir flows along the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northern part of Georgia. Also referred to as “Hollywood of the South,” Atlanta is thriving as a destination for the production of a wide variety of movie and television shows due to the tax credits it offers to filmmakers, moderate climate that supports the filming of diverse projects, highly efficient cast and crew members, well-equipped production studios, as well as being home to favorable filming sites.

The Perfect In-Laws Cast

Brianna Cohen headlines the cast of ‘The Perfect In-Laws’ by stepping into the character of Audrey. Starting her career by featuring in commercials and independent films, she landed guest roles in a couple of popular prime-time shows, including Netflix’s ‘Orange is the New Black‘ and Hulu’s ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga.’ She also stars in ‘A Baby at any Cost,’ ‘Nightmare PTA Moms,’ ‘Sisters on the Run,’ and ‘Love’s Secret Ingredient.’ Joining Cohen in the thriller film is Tim Shelburne, who essays the role of Xander. Based in New York, Tim might seem like a familiar face to you as he has been featured in several movies and TV shows over the course of his career, including ‘Rumba Love,’ ‘Direct Son,’ ‘Here Love Lies,’ ‘The Flowers,’ and ‘Mind Over Murder.’

Furthermore, Kylie Delre plays the role of Marelena or Marlena and Michael Woods features as Lionel. Maurice Johnson appears as Chip, whereas Gregory M. Mitchell essays the character of Warren. Apart from the aforementioned actors, the talented supporting cast of the Lifetime thriller comprises Rachel O’Hara as Nicole, June Dare as Teresa, Brent Bentley as Andrew, Dorothy Hadley Joly as Mrs. Rae, Jason Vail as Zach, Emonjay Brown as Sonny, Mindy Shaw as Ms. Harper, Courtney Lana as Detective Kerry, and Aleigha Burt as Brianna.

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