Sisters on the Run: Filming and Cast Details Explored

Originally titled ‘Broken Ties,’ Lifetime’s ‘Sisters on the Run’ is a crime thriller movie that revolves around a woman who goes on the lam after committing a crime in a desperate circumstance. Selma is a feisty young woman who falls hard for a cop named Jason and also ties the knot with him, utterly unaware of his actual personality. Though she feels he is kind and warm-hearted, Jason begins to show his true colors by subjecting Selma to brutal physical violence. One day, she declares she has had enough and shoots her husband in self-defense.

With nowhere to go, Selma drops at the doorstep of Madison, her elder sister, who has been estranged from her since their mother’s passing. Madison is leading a fulfilling life with her loving husband, Nolan, and their beautiful daughter, Willow. Selma promises her elder sister that she wishes to rekindle their broken relationship. Though hesitant at first, Madison agrees to offer Selma refuge for a while. However, she begins to suspect her motivations after her house is trashed by what appears to be Jason’s friends from the police department looking for Selma.

Upon confrontation, Selma confesses the truth about Jason’s death to Madison and also discloses his corrupt nature. However, when the bad cops abduct Willow, the sisters band together for the sake of their family. The Mitchell Altieri directorial is driven by fine performances and a tight script that touches upon domestic violence and complicated familial relationships. It is also packed with gritty visuals that showcase the intense tone of the narrative, making the viewers wonder where the movie was filmed.

Sisters on the Run Shooting Locations

‘Sisters on the Run’ was filmed in the southeastern state of Mississippi, widely renowned as The Hospitality State for its warmth and charm. The lensing of the Lifetime movie particularly took place in and around March 2022 in the city of Canton in the central part of the state. The production process ran smoothly and cast and crew members had a fun time breathing life into the narrative woven by director Mitchell Altieri, who also penned the script.

Canton, Mississippi

For the purpose of filming, the cast and crew of ‘Sisters on the Run’ chose the stunning city of Canton in Mississippi. The county seat of Madison County, Canton’s streets and neighborhoods were turned into film sets as the production team made the most of its versatile and picturesque locales. Reportedly, the production team also set up camp in the famous Canton diner from the Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey starrer ‘A Time to Kill‘ and lensed a key portion on site. Moreover, they even utilized a few residential properties as well as other establishments across the city to shoot some more indoor sequences.

Sisters on the Run Cast

In ‘Sisters on the Run,’ Brianna Cohen dons the garb of Selma, the sister on the run. In case you find her familiar, it must be because of her compelling performance in various Lifetime movies like ‘Secrets in the Marriage,’ ‘A Baby at Any Cost,’ ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend,’ ‘Nightmare PTA Moms,’ and ‘Love on Retreat’ AKA ‘Lean into Love.’ Apart from that, she can be seen in minor roles in ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘Wu Tang: An American Saga.’ Joining the cast as Selma’s sister Madison is Nicole Marie Johnson, who is best known for essaying the role of Brittany in ‘#Besties’ and Clarissa in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’ 

Johnson also has movies and TV shows such as ‘Dynasty,’ ‘Lies My Sister Told Me,’ ‘My Daughter’s Deadly Roommates,’ and ‘Newlywed Nightmare,’ to her name. Zach Meiser steps into the role of Selma’s abusive husband Jason. You may recognize Meiser from ‘Have You Seen This Man’ and ‘The Booze, Bets and Sex That Built America’ in which he appears as Ed Reiners and Buck Duke, respectively. While ‘Chicago Fire’ fame Tom Dacey Carr stars as Madison’s husband, Nolan, ‘An Organized Killer’ star Aubrey Stevens plays Willow. Jonathan Stoddard can be seen in the film as Rusty, the Sheriff’s Deputy.

The supporting cast of the crime thriller comprises a talented bunch of actors, namely Robert Berlin as Ajax, Cheryl Frazier as Tamara, Brandon Tyler Moore as Mickey, Wanda Morganstern as Sheriff, Kelly Montgomery Hutchings as Dispatcher, Verna Aldridge Brown as Neighbor, Sonia Torres as Female Deputy and lastly, Kevin Wayne as Hooded Man.

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