A Roommate to Die For: Exploring Lifetime Movie’s Shooting and Cast Details

The Randy Carter directorial, ‘A Roommate to Die For,’ is a mystery drama movie that focuses on Faith Davis who recently goes through a nasty break-up with her former partner and roommate. Apart from losing him as her lover, she ends up losing a roommate as well, in the process. Now, as she searches for a new roommate with whom she can split the rent and share the apartment, she finally finds a new and seemingly compatible roommate.

However, as time passes by, Faith notices something strange about the new tenant who has just moved in with her. Since most of the story unfolds in and around the protagonist’s rented property, it ends up playing the role of an additional character, making the viewers raise questions about the whereabouts of the filming locations.

Where Was A Roommate to Die For Filmed?

‘A Roommate to Die For’ was seemingly filmed in California, possibly in and around Los Angeles. The principal photography for the drama film reportedly took place around the month of August 2023. The Golden State is known for its vast and versatile landscape, which not only attracts tourists but also filmmakers as it makes for a suitable filming site for different kinds of productions.

Los Angeles, California

The shooting for ‘A Roommate to Die For’ supposedly took place in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas with the production team setting up camp in various streets and neighborhoods across the city. Apart from taking over some of the actual establishments in LA to tape some indoor scenes, the filming unit also probably utilized the facilities of one of the many film studios located in and around the City of Angels, such as Raleigh Studios Hollywood, Source Film Studio, RED Studios Hollywood, Sony Pictures Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and Universal Studios.

The diverse terrains of Los Angeles were used to the fullest by the cast and crew members of ‘A Roommate to Die For’ as they seemingly recorded most of the exterior scenes on location. Thus, it is possible that you might be able to spot numerous buildings and places of interest in the backdrop, including Wilshire Grand Center, Two California Plaza, City National Plaza, FourFortyFour South Flower, Venice Beach, Echo Park, and Olvera Street. Besides the Lifetime drama, LA’s locales have been featured in many film and TV projects over the years. Some of them are ‘Se7en,’ ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ ‘The Little Things,’ and ‘True Detective.’

A Roommate to Die For Cast

In the Lifetime film, the multi-talented Angela Cole assumes the role of the protagonist, Faith Davis. Given her memorable roles in several projects throughout her acting career, many of you are likely to recognize her. For instance, she has been starred in several short films and TV movies, including ‘Pretty Metal,’ ‘Mudblood: Part One,’ ‘Mudblood: Part Two,’ ‘Boss of the Toss,’ ‘Beast of Our Fathers,’ ‘Triple Threat,’ ‘Love in the Limelight,’ ‘Night of the Tommyknockers,’ and ‘Dante’s Hotel.’ Accompanying her is the award-winning Greek-American actor, Zane Haney, who plays the character of Vince.

Haney has quite a few film and TV projects to his name, in which he has portrayed pivotal characters, including Adrian in ‘The Exorcists,’ Noah in the short film ‘Text Me When You Get Home,’ Ari in ‘Unfix,’ and David Loya in ‘Central Valley.’ ‘A Roommate to Die For’ features several other talented actors in supporting yet important roles, such as Taylor Carter as Jayden, Austin Valli as Jeremy, Kayla Backer as Marlee, Skye Coyne as Tiffany, Yuri Brown as Stein, and Avis Wrentmore as Natalie. Furthermore, while Jessica DeBonville and Dave Rose feature as Shana and Adams, respectively, Chuck Éji and Jake Ambrose portray Max and Caiden. In addition, Bunny Gibson plays the role of Babs in the drama movie.

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