Where Was Lifetime’s Newlywed Nightmare Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Stacia Crawford, Lifetime’s ‘Newlywed Nightmare’ (originally titled ‘Escape from Love’) is a thriller movie that revolves around a newlywed couple, Lauren and David, who face their worst nightmare on a night that is supposed to be one of the best days of their lives. Lauren mysteriously vanishes when the couple is on their honeymoon. The surveillance footage shows Lauren leaving alongside another man, and David’s bank account gets messed with, leading the authorities to believe Lauren left her husband by her own choice.

However, David is certain that Lauren would never abandon him in such a way; she must have been kidnapped. David takes the help of detective Gina to find his missing wife. Meanwhile, Lauren is forced to launder money by her kidnappers. Soon, she learns that Sadie, David’s ex-wife, is one of the captors, and it becomes evident that the underlying motive behind this scam goes well beyond money. Clubbed with the intriguing plotline and mysterious atmosphere, the interesting locations make one wonder where ‘Newlywed Nightmare’ was shot. If you are looking for the same, allow us to eliminate your curiosity!

Newlywed Nightmare Filming Locations

‘Newlywed Nightmare’ was filmed in Georgia, especially in Atlanta. The principal photography for the thriller movie likely commenced in March 2022 and wrapped up in three weeks in April of the same year. Located in the Southeastern region of the nation, Georgia is the 24th largest state in terms of area. Thanks to its diverse landscapes, the Peach State makes for an ideal filming site for different productions. Now, let us take you through all the specific places that can be spotted in the Lifetime movie!

Atlanta, Georgia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Newlywed Nightmare’ were reportedly lensed in and around Atlanta, Georgia’s capital and most populous city. From the looks of it, the cast and crew seemingly traveled across Atlanta to tape numerous scenes, interiors, and exteriors against suitable backdrops. The cast and crew became very close during the movie’s filming and were reportedly seen to have great fun and make memories of a lifetime on the set.

Located among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta has a diverse economy with several sectors, including aerospace, finance, logistics, healthcare, transportation, news and media operations, information technology, and film and television production. Being one of the most visited cities in the United States, The Gate City is frequented by millions of tourists annually.

There are many landmarks and places of interest in the city that attracts tourists from worldwide. Some are the Georgia Aquarium, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, to name a few. Other popular productions shot in the location are, ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ and others.

Newlywed Nightmare Cast

In ‘Newlywed Nightmare,’ Sarah Borne essays the role of Lauren, the abducted wife. The actress is known for famous roles in productions such as ‘A Nashville Christmas Carol,’ ‘Hot Guys Who Ghosted Me,’ ‘Behind the Movement,’ ‘Santa’s Boot Camp,’ and others. On the other hand, Yoshi Sudarso portrays the concerned husband, David. You might recognize Yoshi from his performances in ‘Pretty Dudes,’ ‘Bullet Train,’ ‘Blade of the 47 Ronin,’ ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge,’ ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ and others.

Other cast members include Olivia Jordan as Sadie, Catherine Dyer as Gina, Cuyle Carvin as Lido, Jimmy Dempster as John, Brian Ashton Smith as Jimmy, Tyler Kay Whitley as Cynthia, Franco Castan as Chet, Nicole Marie Johnson as Lacy, John Crow as Shawn, Jonathan Horne as Officer Derrick, Stacia Crawford as Linda, Chris Mayers as Allen, Shaun Mixon as Jack, Jennifer Christa Palmer as Detective Peters, Anthony Reynolds as Detective Jones, Kevin Brown as Paramedic, Marhonda Tant Campbell as Paramedic, Melissa Kennemore as Police officer, and Charles Massey as Hotel Guest.

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