Like Helluva Boss? Here are 7 Adult Animated Shows You Will Love

Created by Vivienne Medrano, the adult animated series ‘Helluva Boss’ combines black comedy, satire, and dark humor to provide a unique and entertaining experience. The show takes place in Hell and follows a group of demon assassins who operate a startup assassination business called “Immediate Murder Professionals” (IMP). In the chaotic world of the afterlife, Blitzo, the charismatic leader of IMP, and his team of eccentric characters take up unusual assassination assignments, which involve eliminating problematic living individuals in Hell.

Each episode chronicles the team’s preparations and execution of these unconventional missions, often leading to comedic and unexpected outcomes. Featuring the voices of Brandon Rogers, Richard Horvitz, Vivian Nixon, Erica Lindbeck, and Bryce Pinkham, the series addresses themes such as redemption, family, and the consequences of one’s actions within its fantastical version of Hell. If you are a fan of the series and want to check out more such content, we have compiled a list of similar shows for you. You can watch most of these shows like ‘Helluva Boss’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Little Demon (2022)

‘Little Demon’ follows the story of Laura (Aubrey Plaza), who gets impregnated by Satan (Danny DeVito). Now a mother of a teenage antichrist daughter Chrissy (Lucy DeVito), she tries to lead an ordinary life in Delaware. However, she is constantly challenged by monstrous forces and Satan, who wants custody of Chrissy’s soul. Created by Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner, and Kieran Valla, the show blends dark humor with elements of family dynamics and supernatural chaos, similar to the themes portrayed in ‘Helluva Boss.’ Both shows also rely on satire and absurdity to evoke humor.

6. Paradise PD (2018-2022)

Created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, ‘Paradise PD’ revolves around a group of awkward and dysfunctional police officers set in the fictional town of Paradise. The team includes a newly hired officer named Kevin Crawford, his estranged father Chief Randall Crawford, the psychotic and violent officer Gina Jabowski, and a drug-addict dog Bullet. Together, they attempt to maintain law and order in a town plagued by crime, corruption, and absurdity. While ‘Paradise PD’ and ‘Helluva Boss’ have distinct settings and storylines, both shows are centered around dysfunctional characters set in absurd and chaotic environments and use satire and over-the-top comedy to comment on social issues.

5. The Venture Bros. (2003-2018)

‘The Venture Bros.’ is a satirical take on the adventure and superhero genres, following the misadventures of the Venture family. Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture is a washed-up scientist and single father to his two sons, Hank and Dean. They live in a bizarre world filled with eccentric characters, supervillains, and secret organizations. Created by Christopher McCulloch (aka Jackson Publick), the series has an impressive voice cast, including James Urbaniak, Chris McCulloch, Michael Sinterniklaas, Patrick Warburton, and Paul Boocock.

The show combines sharp wit, pop culture references, and absurd humor to mock various conventions of the adventure and superhero genres. Both ‘The Venture Bros.’ and ‘Helluva Boss’ share their commitment to dark humor, satire, and unconventional characters, making them appealing to viewers who enjoy animated series that are witty and thought-provoking.

4. Devil May Care (2021)

Similar to ‘Helluva Boss,’ ‘Devil May Care’ is an adult animated series that revolves around quirky characters, dark humor, absurd scenarios, and supernatural worlds. The series, created by Douglas Goldstein, tells the story of Beans, voiced by Asif Ali, a young and apathetic millennial who unexpectedly finds himself working as the social media manager for the Devil, voiced by Alan Tudyk.

Beans is transported to Hell and tasked with managing the Devil’s public image and social media presence. He then has to navigate his new job while interacting with several hellish creatures. The series offers a unique and humorous take on the intersection of technology, social media, and hell making it an entertaining choice for viewers who appreciate irreverent animated comedy.

3. Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil (2005-2007)

‘Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil’ follows the life of Lucy, the daughter of Satan, as she navigates her way through the modern world. With her devilish powers and an array of eccentric characters, Lucy grapples with the challenges of being the devil’s offspring while striving for a normal life. Throughout the series, Lucy contends with the expectations and influence of her diabolical lineage, often leading to hilariously chaotic situations.

Created by Loren Bouchard, the horror comedy series features the voices of Melissa Bardin Galsky, Jon Glaser, H. Jon Benjamin, Sam Seder, Eugene Mirman, and Todd Barry. Similar to ‘Helluva Boss,’ the show combines dark humor, supernatural elements, and unconventional characters and features morally ambiguous protagonists who deal with chaotic and otherworldly settings.

2. Ugly Americans (2010-2012)

Set in an alternate version of New York City, ‘Ugly Americans’ focuses on human co-existence with various supernatural creatures like zombies, demons, and werewolves. The protagonist, Mark Lilly, is a social worker at the Department of Integration, tasked with helping the supernatural immigrants adjust to life in the city. The series explores the challenges and absurdities of Mark’s job, as he deals with the unique needs and quirks of his supernatural clients.

Devin Clark created the show which features the voices of Matt Oberg, Kurt Metzger, Natasha Leggero, Randy Pearlstein, Michael-Leon Wooley, and Larry Murphy. Both ‘Helluva Boss’ and ‘Ugly Americans’ deal with mature themes and use supernatural settings as a backdrop for social commentary.

1. Superjail! (2007-2014)

‘Superjail!’ is set in a surreal, ever-changing prison facility known as Superjail, where bizarre and monstrous occurrences take place every day. The prison is run by the sadistic Warden, who likes creating chaotic and violent situations. Each episode of the show features the Warden’s elaborate and often nonsensical schemes, resulting in extreme and over-the-top violence that is presented in a stylized and cartoonish manner.

The series, created by Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, and Ben Gruber, is centered around the Warden, his loyal but mute assistant Jailbot, and a colorful cast of inmates, including the ultra-violent Twins, and the flamboyant Alice. Akin to ‘Helluva Boss,’ ‘Superjail!’ is also known for its extreme violence, unconventional settings, eccentric characters, and absurd and dark humor.

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