Liz Marek: Where is Is It Cake Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Is It Cake? ‘ starts as any other typical competitive baking show by bringing together a group of bakers and pitting them against each other in increasingly complex challenges. However, herein lies the catch, as each baker is expected to create ultra-realistic cakes based on real-world objects. Subsequently, a panel of three guest judges attempts to recognize the original cake from the decoys, and a correct guess puts the respective baker in danger of being sent home.

Yet, the final elimination is based on how the taste of the cakes, while the last baker standing wins $75,000. Similarly, season 2 of the show introduced us to Liz Marek, who became an immediate fan-favorite because of her passion and cheerful personality. Well, with the cameras now behind us, let’s find out where she is now, shall we?

Who is Liz Marek?

Like several of her co-contestants, Beaverton, Oregon resident Liz Marek was involved in a different profession before baking became her most significant calling in life. Readers will be interested to know that she previously worked as a graphic designer and used baking as the only way of de-stressing herself. However, there was no looking back once Liz fell in love with the art, as she soon moved forward, intending to turn her passion into a living. Thankfully, her loved ones were also pretty supportive of her decision, and they encouraged her to chase her dreams until the very end.

Even though Liz is an entirely self-taught baker who learned cake-decorating skills through TV shows and online videos, she did pursue a course from the Oregon Culinary Institute for baking and pastry. Moreover, she even embarked on her professional journey inside her home kitchen as she took on professional baking orders from clients and uploaded online tutorials through her first company, Artisan Cake Company. Unsurprisingly, it soon became a well-recognized name in the baking industry, and Liz started getting featured on several renowned publications and TV shows.

On top of it, Liz even published her widely popular book ‘Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating,’ in 2014. However, by 2015, the Beaverton resident was determined to expand her reach, and hence, she shut the doors on her old company before establishing Sugar Geek Show alongside her husband, Dan. While it is currently known for being a dependable and reputed source for advanced baking tutorials, her stint on ‘Is It Cake?’ was also incredibly promising.

In fact, Liz started strong in the first episode, as her creation fooled the judges and propelled her to first place. Yet, a couple of episodes into the show, she was in danger of getting eliminated as the judges correctly recognized her cake from the decoys. On top of it, they even felt like the taste of the cake wasn’t up to par, and Liz had to go home in episode three.

Liz Marek is Teaching Aspiring Bakers Now

At present, Liz Marek has built a wonderful life alongside her husband, Dan, in Beaverton, Oregon. Apart from being a prominent social media influencer and content creator with almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, she holds regular online classes for aspiring bakers through her company, Sugar Geek Show. On top of it, while Liz’s expertise and popularity have her travel to all parts of the country for different baking events, she has also appeared on several reality shows, and we wish her the best for the years to come.

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