Lloyd and Ariana: Is the Love Undercover Duo Still Together?

Finding love is always challenging, but Peacock’s ‘Love Undercover‘ raises the stakes for footballers surrounded by numerous beautiful women unaware of their true identities. Lloyd Jones became a favorite among many ladies in the first season, but his connection with Ariana Welch endured. Ariana demonstrated patience and faith in her choice, even as Lloyd explored other options before returning to her. Despite being pushed to the brink by their environment, the couple’s journey was anything but easy.

Lloyd and Ariana Felt a Spark Right From The Beginning

It wasn’t love at first sight for Ariana Welch and Lloyd Jones, as both were initially involved with other people when they joined the season. Ariana had promising chemistry with Ryan Babel, while Lloyd was spoilt for choice among Gabby Findley, Jacklyn Romano, Sophia Cerrito, and others. Many envied the attention Lloyd was receiving, but things changed when Ariana moved into the house. This gave Lloyd a chance to talk to her, and they both recognized chemistry as something worth exploring. That marked the beginning of their romance.

As the season neared, most players narrowed their choices and made it clear who they intended to pursue a relationship with, but Lloyd remained torn between Jacklyn Romano and Ariana. When it was time to meet the families, Lloyd decided to meet the families of both women to help him make a decision. While with Ariana’s two brothers, he realized he was most compatible with her, making it easier for him to choose her.

Ariana and Lloyd found themselves near Jamie O’Hara and Renee Ash in London, providing them stability. However, Lloyd’s frequent back-and-forth trips for work gave Ariana a glimpse into what life would be like with him. She realized she would spend much time alone and needed to relocate from Austin, Texas, to London, United Kingdom, to give their relationship a fair chance. When Jamie questioned Lloyd about his feelings for Ariana and admitted he hadn’t reached the point of love yet, Ariana felt uncertain about whether she should uproot her entire life for someone unsure about their future together.

Lloyd and Ariana Have Parted Ways

Towards the end of the season, as Lloyd Jones and Ariana Welch reached a decision, Lloyd expressed his deep appreciation for Ariana and how she had grounded him. He acknowledged that she made him feel special and loved, sentiments that Ariana reciprocated. Despite their mutual decision to give their relationship a chance, it appears that they have been unable to overcome the challenges they faced. They are no longer publicly connected and have not confirmed their official status as a couple. Based on their absence from each other’s lives, it seems likely that their journey together ended shortly after the season’s conclusion.

Ariana currently works as a high school teacher in Austin, Texas, preferring to keep her daily life private. However, it’s evident that she has a particular fascination with photography and cameras and isn’t shy about being in front of the lens herself. Whether she’s enjoying a beach vacation in Isla Mujeres or skiing in Park City, Utah, Ariana knows how to have a great time and bring joy to those around her. She has maintained friendships with the other female contestants from the season and often gathers with them for hangouts. Ariana appears to be doing well and content with her two dogs, which adds brightness to her life.

Lloyd, an English footballer currently showcasing his talent as a defender for Charlton Athletic F.C., stands at the pinnacle of his career. He embarked on his journey in the Premier League with Liverpool in 2013 and has since graced several teams, including Luton Town, Northampton Town, and Cambridge United. Notably, he was hailed as the Player of the Year for Cambridge United in the 2022-2023 season. Despite enduring a couple of surgeries for injuries—one for his leg in 2015 and another in 2021—Lloyd perceives them as inherent to the life of an active player. Football is the focal point of his life, with everything else taking a back seat. During the off-season, Lloyd relishes spending quality time with his family and friends, indulging in leisurely vacations while eagerly awaiting the commencement of the new season.

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