Locke and Key Season 2 Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Locke and Key’ follows the adventures of the Locke children in their mystical ancestral home. The powerful keys hidden around the house hold a plethora of powers, and the epic battle for them between demonic entities and the Locke family continues in season 2.

New keys are discovered, and unsuspecting citizens of Matheson are turned into demons — a lot goes down in the follow-up season of the fantasy horror series. With the season 2 finale literally titled ‘Cliffhanger,’ you know there’s a ton of good stuff to get through. Let’s take a look at the ending of ‘Locke and Key’ season 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Locke and Key Season 2 Recap

Season 2 opens three months after Ellie’s disappearance in season 1. Things are peaceful, and the Locke children have begun to use the powerful keys on a regular basis for various tasks. However, Tyler is still concerned about forgetting about magic when he turns eighteen and ventures into the mind of one of Rendell’s old friends, Erin, using the Head Key. They eventually find out that Tyler’s father, Rendell, went through a similar dilemma as a kid and helped create the Memory Key. While trying to find the Memory Key, it is revealed to them that Rendell’s younger brother Duncan forged it.

Meanwhile, Gabe, who is secretly channeling the demon Dodge, attempts to forge his own key. After multiple mishaps, he realizes he needs the help of a Locke family member to complete the process. Once he learns about how Duncan forged a key as a child, Gabe begins to focus all his energy on abducting him. Eventually, Duncan is captured and forced to create a Demon Key for Gabe. Using it, he begins to create an army of minions, and soon multiple people around town, including detective Mutuku and Tyler’s girlfriend Jackie, are turned into demonic entities.

In a flashback, we are taken back to 1775 when the Keyhouse was attacked by the British during the Revolutionary War. A brutal soldier named Frederick Gideon attacks the house and kills the Locke patriarch Peter. He then escapes the villagers by taking refuge in a seaside cave where he discovers a portal that imbibes him with monstrous energy. However, we later see that the villagers apprehend Gideon and execute him.

Locke and Key Season 2 Ending: Is Dodge Dead? What Happens to Gabe and Eden?

Tyler eventually creates the Alpha Key with Duncan’s help to counter demonic entities. To his horror, however, he realizes that it kills both the demon and its host. Eventually, Gabe’s army is whittled down, and Tyler finally succeeds in stabbing him with the key. With the demonic villain seemingly vanquished, the gang returns to the Keyhouse to find a woman that looks like Dodge but claims to be Ellie. When she is able to take a magical key out of the hands of the Locke children (something demons cannot do), it is confirmed that the woman is, in fact, Ellie.

Meanwhile, Eden escapes and begins to formulate her own plan to gain power. She steals a key from Gabe’s lair and enters the well house, releasing the ancient spirit of Frederick Gideon. Even as she tries to order around the ancient demonic entity, Gideon calmly throws her into the well and, using the Anywhere Key from Eden, disappears through the storage closet door next to the well.

A lot happens in the flurry of entwined storylines that simultaneously play out in the season 2 finale. The showdown with Gabe, who is channeling the demonic echo Dodge, is the central battle for the Locke children. Having stabbed him with the Alpha Key, which kills both demons and humans, Tyler is certain that the villain is dead. However, Dodge has feigned death before, and it would be prudent to look closer at what happens.

First off, since Gabe was human, he is dead. Dodge, who was in Gabe’s body, is an echo and seemingly impossible to kill. Therefore, Dodge might just be alive. However, since the demon doesn’t have a body to possess, it might have returned to the mysterious void where it came from. There is also a chance that the demon has once again turned into a piece of whispering metal and is biding its time until it can channel itself into another body.

It is also worth noting that, in the closing scenes, Lucas reappears after being released from Dodge. He was the first human Dodge infected many years ago and has since remained under the demonic echo’s control. Seeing Lucas finally become himself after all these years proves that Dodge, though not necessarily dead, does not have a physical body at the moment.

Eden, after parting ways with Gabe, survives the attack by the Locke children. After releasing the ancient demonic entity called Gideon, she gets thrown into the well. Once again, we do not know whether Eden is dead, but she is undoubtedly indisposed. Most likely, she is trapped inside the well and will only be able to come out when summoned by someone with the Echo Key (much like how Ellie summoned Lucas/Dodge in season 1).

Are Kinsey and Tyler Alive?

Kinsey and Tyler, despite their many close calls, survive their battle with the demonic entities. At the end of season 2, Tyler leaves for a few months to spend the winter traveling. Kinsey stays back at Keyhouse with their younger brother Bode and protects the magical keys.

Is Jackie Dead?

Tyler’s girlfriend Jackie becomes a reluctant accessory in the messy battle for power between the demons and the Locke family. Once she turns 18, Jackie begins to forget about magic. As much as Tyler tries, she cannot recall their times together. Eventually, she decides to let her memories of magic go and implores her boyfriend to let her forget. Unfortunately, she gets turned into a demonic minion by Gabe soon after.

It is to save Jackie that Tyler makes the Alpha Key. When he first uses it on her, it seems like Jackie is cured as she is able to take a magical key from Tyler’s hand. However, something then goes wrong, and she dies in her boyfriend’s arms. To his horror, Tyler realizes that the key he has forged kills not only demons but also their human hosts.

Do Kinsey and Scott End Up Together?

Kinsey and Scott have had a connection since the former’s first day at school. However, the two are not able to get together in season 1 because Kinsey gets distracted by Gabe. Later, Scott and Kinsey’s friendship hits a rough patch, and it seems like the two might not speak again.

Eventually, when Gabe’s demonic identity is revealed, Kinsey realizes her mistake for not trusting Scott and apologizes. The two then grow closer than before, and when Kinsey finds out that Scott didn’t leave the country as he was planning to, she finally kisses him. From the closing scenes of season 2, it is not clear whether Kinsey and Scott are officially dating. However, they have definitely broken the barrier between them, and a relationship seems to be in the works.

Who is Ellie?

Ellie is Rendell’s childhood friend who is one of the last remaining keepers of the keys. She lives close to the Keyhouse, and her son Rufus is good friends with Bode. In season 1, Dodge uses the Identity Key to turn Ellie into her lookalike and then escapes. The Locke children, thinking Ellie is Dodge, then fling her into the blue void behind the Omega Door (also called the Black Door).

After Gabe destroys the cave leading to the Omega Door, we see Ellie clambering out of the rubble, still looking like Dodge. It seems like the disturbance from the cave collapsing somehow brings her back into the human world. However, this opens up a new realm of possibilities as we have so far not seen any entity return from the void. Though it is left undiscussed, Ellie has likely brought back important information from her experience of falling into the void.

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