Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Things are getting dangerous fast for the Locke family and the safe-keepers of the magical keys as ‘Locke and Key’ season 2 begins to gather steam. Episode 2, titled ‘The Head and the Heart,’ gives us some crucial information about what happened to Rendell Locke and his friends, and we also see some characters from the past reappear in the present. Dodge (as Gabe) continues down a sinister path, but a slight hitch seems to have slowed the demon down temporarily. There is a lot of good stuff to dive into in ‘Locke and Key’ season 2 episode 2, so let’s get right to it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 opens with Eden abducting an unsuspecting sailor and feeding him to a creature (Kinsey’s fear monster from season 1) that she and Gabe have kept caged in their hideout. We then learn that the key he made in episode 1 did not function as needed, and the demonic Gabe realizes he needs assistance from the Locke family to create a new key that works properly.

Meanwhile, Tyler begins to get suspicious of Gabe, and, in a conversation with Kinsey, it comes up that she has never been inside her boyfriend’s head. Later on, when they’re alone, Kinsey tries to convince Gabe to let her go into his mind, but the boy adamantly refuses. Still trying to find a way to make a new key, Gabe then befriends Bode and convinces him to lend him the Ghost Key. Using it, Gabe flies into the grounds of Keyhouse and finds the family’s spirit ancestor Chamberlin Locke. He subsequently convinces Locke that he is Kinsey’s boyfriend and wants to make her a special key.

Chamberlin explains to Gabe that the process to make a new key is complex, and he needs a piece of whispering iron to create one. In addition, the key maker must focus on his intention for the key while forging it to imbibe it with the requisite powers and also add some of his blood to it. Satisfied, Gabe returns to physical form to try and use his newfound knowledge on his last piece of whispering iron.

Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: Who is Erin?

Meanwhile, Kinsey and Tyler realize that they will begin to lose all memory of magic once they turn 18 and try to find a way to stop that from happening. When she attends a counseling session at the hospital, Kinsey comes across her father’s old friend, Erin, who has been in a catatonic state for many decades. Along with Tyler, Kinsey uses the Head Key to unlock Erin’s mind, and the brother and sister enter into it.

Inside, Erin’s mind is dilapidated and untidy. Once they are deep within, Kinsey and Tyler begin to get attacked by flying books, and eventually, a young woman charges towards them, baring a knife. The two are able to calm her down and bring her outside of Erin’s head. The episode then closes with the young woman turning the Head Key in Erin’s neck and the older woman finally waking up from her immobile state after many years.

Therefore, it seems like the young woman that Kinsey and Tyler find within Erin’s mind is a younger version of Erin. Ever since her friend Lucas turned into a demon and attacked her and her friends a few decades ago, Erin has seemingly remained trapped in her own mind. Once she calms down, we also learn that she was hiding inside her mind to escape Dodge and has no idea that it has been many years since. Once Kinsey and Tyler inform the younger Erin that they’ve defeated Dodge, she eventually agrees to come out of her head.

Erin was a close friend of Rendell’s and therefore remembered magic even after she turned 18. It is to figure out how she achieved this that Tyler and Kinsey go into her mind in the first place. With Ellie’s disappearance in season 1, Erin is the last remaining protector of the keys who might know how to retain the knowledge of magic into adulthood.

Having successfully rescued her, Tyler and Kinsey will most likely learn some crucial information about their father, Rendell, as well as some much-needed finer points about how the magical ecosystem works. Additionally, Erin might be able to help Tyler with his girlfriend Jackie’s amnesia about magic, which is getting worse as she nears her 18th birthday.

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