Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

We are almost halfway through ‘Locke and Key’ season 2, and things are shaping up to be quite spectacular. In episode 5, titled ‘Past is Prologue,’ the Locke children and the demonic echo Dodge remain neck and neck in their struggle to control the magical keys of Keyhouse. It seems all the cards are on the table, and there is nowhere for the wily demon to hide. Except, of course, Dodge still has the Face Key and can change appearance at will. So, where is Dodge, and what does Kinsey find in Eden’s mind? There’s a lot of cerebral magic to get to, so let’s dive into ‘Locke and Key’ season 2 episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 opens with Duncan still struggling to make sense of his memories of magic even as his adult brain rejects them. He continues to distance himself from the family and refuses to open up to Erin when she tries to help him. However, there is hope, as the location of the Memory Key is revealed to be somewhere on the grounds of Matheson Academy. When Gabe learns that Tyler plans to go and search for the key, he insists on coming along to help.

Of course, Gabe’s motives are to eventually get close to Duncan, the only living Locke who knows how to forge new keys. However, once Tyler discovers the Memory Key, he goes home alone to Duncan and refuses to let Gabe come along, much to the demon’s frustration. Tyler then calms his uncle down and inserts the magical key into Duncan’s chest with Erin’s instruction. After a few tense moments of excruciating pain, the troubled man relaxes but we don’t see whether he has recovered or not.

Meanwhile, Bode uses the Anywhere Key to pay a visit to his friend Rufus in Nebraska. They talk about the fateful day (from season 1) when Dodge attacked Rufus and his mother Ellie to gain control of the Shadow Crown. Rufus’ mother has not been seen since. To Bode’s surprise, his friend then reveals that he briefly remembers seeing two versions of Dodge during the attack. Once again, we are not given any more details, but Rufus is seen telling Bode everything he remembers from the day.

Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Who is Dodge?

At a party back in Matheson, Kinsey finds Eden getting carelessly drunk at a party and helps her lay down. Noticing that her friend is asleep in a stupor and feeling curious about what is going on between Gabe and Eden, Kinsey uses the Head Key on her and steps into Eden’s mind. Scot, to make sure Kinsey is safe, also follows her into their friend’s head. Once inside, they discover Eden’s mind slowly getting corrupted by the demonic entity controlling her.

Just before leaving, Scot makes a startling discovery in one of Eden’s memories which shows Gabe turning himself into Dodge using the Face Key. He shows this to Kinsey, who realizes, to her horror, that her boyfriend is a demon. The episode then closes with Kinsey revealing to Tyler that Gabe is Dodge and Eden is a demon. Just as she tearfully finishes talking to her brother, the doorbell rings, revealing that Gabe is at the door.

Episode 5 shows us a few different sides of the demonic echo called Dodge, who has so far been the main antagonist of the story. The most recent form of the demon is Gabe, which Kinsey finally discovers in this episode. However, we do not know as yet whether Dodge created a likeness of Gabe or actually infected the young boy.

This brings us to the more confusing situation where Rufus describes seeing two versions of Dodge. Fans of the show will remember how, in the season 1 finale, Ellie tries to take on Dodge to get control of the Shadow Crown. However, the wily demon incapacitates Rufus’ mother and uses the Face Key to turn her into a lookalike. Therefore, out of the two versions of Dodge that Rufus remembers seeing, one of them is the real one while the other is his mother.

Hence, the Locke children get confused and throw Ellie into the demonic portal while the real Dodge escapes and takes on the likeness of Gabe. Therefore, from what we can tell, Gabe was a real human who was genuinely friends with Kinsey until Dodge infected him a few months ago, soon after Ellie’s disappearance. As of now, Gabe is the one and only Dodge, and Kinsey seemingly knows it.

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