Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Locke and Key’ season 2 episode 6, titled ‘The Maze,’ sees the first faceoff of the season between the demonic forces and the safe-keepers of the keys of Keyhouse. There are serious casualties, and a bigger battle seems to be in the making. The Locke children also gain a valuable ally, and we get to see a new key in action! The episode ends on the verge of something big, so let’s make sure we’re all caught up. Here’s ‘Locke and Key’ season 2 episode 6 ending, explained. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens with Gabe planning on using Duncan to help forge a new key once he recovers his memories. Unbeknownst to the demon, the Locke childrens’ uncle is now fighting fit, thanks to the Memory Key. Duncan regains his memory of forging keys, as well as his friendship with Erin. When the two finally talk, the latter insists on finishing off Dodge. Duncan tries to persuade her to leave Matheson, but Erin remains adamant and steals the Chain Key from his room. Though she initially claims not to know what the key does, we find out later that she does.


Meanwhile, the Locke children head to the winter carnival, where Gabe and Eden show up, stalking the family. After stealing the key from Duncan, Erin also arrives at the carnival looking for Gabe and wanting to put an end to the demon once and for all. Realizing what Erin has done, Duncan then follows her. Unfortunately, Eden sees Duncan arriving at the carnival and realizes that he is cured, which she tells Gabe.

Erin watches as Gabe enters the maze at the carnival and follows him into it. Inside, she confronts him with the Chain Lock and Key, which spits out a magical chain that binds the demon. Even as Erin thinks she’s captured Dodge (as Gabe), Eden comes up from behind and bludgeons her on the head. Gabe then takes control of the Chain Lock and Key and strangles Erin till she loses consciousness.

Locke and Key Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: Why Does Kinsey Call Gabe?

Back at their hideout, Eden tells Gabe that she saw Duncan at the fair, implying Kinsey has lied to him. The demon, however, refuses to believe it but is unable to explain Duncan’s presence. Soon enough, however, he gets a call from Kinsey, which convinces him that she still doesn’t know that he is, in fact, a demon.

Meanwhile, by the time Duncan and the Locke children get to her, Erin is dead and wrapped up in vines that Gabe has summoned using the Plant Key. Helpless, they return home and begin to plot their next move. Episode 5 closes with Kinsey calling Gabe and telling him that Duncan has recovered and that he can come over the next day.

The episode ends with the three other Lockes (Tyler, Bode, and Duncan) standing behind Kinsey as she makes the call to Gabe, telling us that the Keyhouse family is ready for battle. Though it seems strange for Kinsey to tell Gabe about Duncan’s recovery despite knowing the demon’s plans, it is actually to catch him unaware. Hence, Gabe still thinks that Kinsey doesn’t know his real identity and will show up to Keyhouse unprepared. At least, that’s the plan.

The Locke family are finally mounting an offensive, and Kinsey’s phone call seems to be their first move. They likely have a plan to bring down Dodge, which they will put into place once Gabe arrives. So far, the children have remained mainly defensive and tried to avoid trouble.

However, Erin’s death and the recovery of uncle Duncan have fuelled them into taking things into their own hands, and a major conflict seems to be in the making. For once, with Gabe seemingly unaware that his real identity has been exposed, the Locke family has a distinct advantage over the demon. However, Eden’s unpredictable behavior can still result in the tables being turned at any moment.

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