Logan Taylor: Unraveling Living For the Dead’s Charismatic Psychic Medium

Logan Taylor’s presence in Hulu’s ‘Living For the Dead‘ is an uplifting one thanks to his undeniable charm and witty remarks. Combined with his compassion for others and determination to help those in need, he has quickly become a favorite of the public. After all, few can deny how much he seems to care for not only his friends but those he comes in contact with, all the while trying his level best to use his abilities to their best. For those eager to learn more about the man in question, buckle up and join us to sate your curiosity.

Logan Taylor’s Background

Having grown up in rural Tennessee, Logan admitted to often feeling like he did not fit in. He claims that those around him, especially those of similar age, often did not understand him, leading him to seek solace in the world of spirits. According to the Hulu star, he has had the ability to be in touch with the other side of the curtain from a very young age, and he had started to establish a connection with them long before he even knew what his apparent skills meant.

It was when Logan admitted to struggling with his mental health, especially with his anxiety and depression, that he decided to get help from an intuitive life coach. At the same time, he had apparently also found some relief while being in touch with the supernatural. Logan shared the findings of his life coach, who had told him that in a bid to connect with him, the “Other Side” had led to his increased energy and awareness. That said, Logan confessed that he had himself been skeptical of his status as a psychic at one point but has since come around to the concept.

Logan Taylor’s Profession

It was in 2014, when Logan was 18 years old that he began his career as a psychic medium. Since then, he has certainly thrived in his career both as a consultant and a paranormal investigator, as seen in the Hulu show. The Tennessee native also goes on tours to allow people to make use of his skillset in their own cities. His latest tour, “The Medium Road Show,” took place in May 2023 when he visited Atlanta, Georgia.

Additionally, Logan is the Founder and Director of Dream Reality Group, a theatre production company based in McMinnville, Tennessee, that aims to provide aspiring artists a platform to shine. Over the years, he has also appeared in various podcasts like “The Other Side,” “A Courageous Convo,” and “GHOSTED!” Through his work, Logan aims to solve various mysteries of the world while also helping those who believe the solution to their problems might be found in the world of paranormal.

Is Logan Taylor Dating Anyone?

As of writing, Logan Taylor does not seem to be in a relationship. The television star is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who has been more than open about his sexuality, especially in the Hulu show. However, if Logan is indeed dating anyone, he has yet to share the details of the same with the public. Presently, his focus seems to be on his work and how to help others, both of which are certainly appreciable goals for one to have.

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