Logic to Make His Feature Directorial Debut with Paradise Records

Image Credit: Logic/YouTube

There are new updates about Logic’s long-awaited entry into filmmaking! The rap star is making his directorial debut with ‘Paradise Records.’ The project’s filming has been underway in Portland, Oregon, since the 13th of this month and will last until June 7. The movie is reported to be self-financed by the artist, and Portland residents have spotted the film crews on the city’s streets.

The crime comedy film introduces us to Cooper, the owner of a record store called Paradise Records. Cooper works with his friends to make his store a haven for music lovers. However, his world begins to crumble when the threat of foreclosure looms over his beloved record store, and his friends face unemployment. To make matters worse, he comes into conflict with greedy businessmen and is held hostage by a couple of hapless gunmen. Caught in the crosshairs of unforeseen adversity, Cooper’s priorities swiftly shift from salvaging his business to safeguarding the lives of those he holds dear. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, Cooper discovers the true extent of loyalty and camaraderie as his friends rally around him.

Logic, whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, has demonstrated a keen interest in filmmaking alongside his successful music career. He rose to prominence in the hip-hop scene with his thought-provoking lyrics, technical prowess, and versatile style. Beyond his music, he has expressed his aspirations to delve deeper into the world of filmmaking. In interviews, he discussed his admiration for directors and alluded to a movie project he had been pursuing. His works as a writer include the New York Times bestsellers ‘Supermarket’ and ‘This Bright Future: A Memoir.’ His latest book, ‘Ultra 85,’ is slated for a 2024 release.

In 2018, Logic talked about writing and starring in a comedy movie that has now turned out to be ‘Paradise Records.’ “It’s a comedy. If I’m gonna come out the gate, I just wanna make people laugh,” said the rapper in an interview. “It’s basically a comedy about this record store, but I won’t get too much into that,” he added. From the plot focusing on a record store owner dealing with bumbling criminals and Logic’s interviews, we can expect the movie to have extensive comedic elements. Additionally, there is a good chance that the musician himself will be starring in a lead role, since he has expressed a desire to do so in the past.

Portland, Oregon has become a busy hub of filmmaking this season. Logic’s project is joining several interesting productions being filmed in and around the city. These productions include Vanessa Kirby’s ‘The Night Always Comes,’ a noir-ish drama that follows the story of a young woman with heavy responsibilities taking on dangerous jobs to afford a house in the city. The filming for James Sweeney’s ‘Twinless,’ about two grieving men bonding in a support group, is also underway in the region. John Rosman’s directorial debut, ‘New Life,’ is a newly released Portland-shot sci-fi horror movie.

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