Is Lojain “Lo” Omran Dating Anyone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Talented and breathtakingly beautiful, Lojain “Lo” Omran has perhaps become one of the most popular stars from Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling.’ Her calm personality, combined with her determination to avoid unnecessary drama, has certainly helped the Saudi Arabian beauty stand out and capture the hearts of many. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the world is eager to know what they can about the reality TV star’s romantic life from the past to the present day.

Lojain “Lo” Omran’s Ex-Husbands and Kids

For the most part, Lo Omran prefers to keep the details of her romantic life, especially the identity of her partners, extremely private. The Netflix star has indeed opened up enough to share that she first got married around the age of 16. At the age of 17, she became a mother to her daughter Jilan, who got married in 2018. This was followed by her giving birth to her son, Jilan, at the age of 19. Lo shared that this happened while she was studying in high school, and she remained determined to finish her education while also being present for her children. The actress herself has revealed in the past that her first marriage was to a man who was significantly older than her and ended because she wanted to focus on her career.

Lo has been married three times, each marriage ending in a divorce. According to the reality TV icon, she regrets not having worn a white dress to any of her weddings, something she talked about in season 2 of ‘Dubai Bling.’ Despite her status as a public icon, she has remained tight-lipped about the identity of her past husbands. That said, there have been many speculations that she was, at one point, married to Emirati businessman Sheikh Salman Al Thani. While neither he nor Lo has confirmed the rumors, many believe him to be her first husband and the father of her two children.

Lojain “Lo” Omran is in a Happy Relationship

Given Lo Omran’s preference to almost never speak up about her romantic life, the fact that she mentioned what she did in season 2 of the show certainly delighted the fans. Indeed, it seems like Lo is in a relationship with a gentleman whose name she has decided not to disclose to the world. However, she has not been shy about her appreciation for her current partner, claiming that she thought of him as her own George Clooney.

Among many things, the fact that Lo remains hopeful about love and marriage despite her history in the department has certainly elevated her in the eyes of others. However, it is also obvious that her first priorities are her kids and her career, both of whom she has been dedicated to from a young age. Given her status as a star in Saudi Arabia, Lo spends a lot of time in the limelight but has firmly kept her children away from the same. Apparently, this is also in accordance with the father of her children, who allegedly requested Lo not to make the lives of their kids public.

Having built an impressive fanbase over the years, Lo’s accomplishments continue to impress us all. Her optimistic but firm nature, combined with her drive to fulfill her dreams, no matter how old, has made her an inspiration for many. As such, the news that she is seemingly in a happy relationship has left her fans delighted, who are hopeful that the reality TV star might soon get the happily ever after she has always desired.

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