Long Lost Family: Where are the Cast Members Now?

Inspired by ‘Spoorloos,’ a Dutch series, TLC’s ‘Long Lost Family’ premiered in 2016 and ran for six seasons until 2019. Through the reality series, various people tried their level best to find their loved ones whom they had not seen in a while. Despite the uniqueness of each and every story, every single one of them easily tugged at the hearts of the viewers, especially those who might have gone through something similar. This has naturally led people to become curious about just where the people within the show are these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Joanna Fiore is Thriving as a Businesswoman Today

As of writing, Joanna Fiore seems to be thriving as a businesswoman. She is one of the minds behind La Dolce Vita Gourmet, an organization committed to providing proper care for animals who are in severe need of it. The company sells a variety of products that can be bought on its online store. The earnings from the same seemingly contribute to the establishment’s primary goal. Joanna’s own love for animals is certainly evident through her work and the number of adorable animals that we get to see on her social media. Based in Los Angeles, California, she seems interested in yoga and follows veganism.

Sashani Nichole Has Evolved Into a Multi-Talented Artist Now

Sashani Nichole is a thriving actress of Jamaican ethnicity who also works as a director and writer. She seemingly splits her time between Los Angeles and Detroit, Michigan. Over the years, Sashani has been a part of projects like ‘Chicago PD,’ ‘Solomon,’ and ‘A Christmas Song.’ She has also shown off her directional skills for projects like ‘Dreamerland,’ ‘For the Love of Basketball,’ and ‘Seventy Times Seven.’ for the latter two projects, she also served as a writer. The artist is also proudly affiliated with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Jason Trippett is a Married Man Now

Next on the list, we have Jason Trippett, who works as a Financial Advisor and has been the Owner of Jason Financial Services since February 2021. Prior to working in his own company, he was affiliated with Royal Alliance Associates. Hailing from Michigan, the reality TV star is presently based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area of California. When not working hard, Jason can be seen at the boxing gym or movie theatres. He is also an avid reader and is particularly partial towards writing, often penning screenplays for movies. Some of his projects include ‘Solomon,’ ‘For the Love of Basketball,’ and ‘Seventy Times Seven.’ It seems like Jason is happily married and is on good terms with another cast member, Sashani.

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