Long Wharf Supply Company Update: Where is Long Wharf Today?

It’s been a long and hard road, but everyone has learned to become more environment-conscious over the last few years in the interest of our future selves. Thus, it has applied to every aspect of our consumption, including clothing, which is why the sustainable sweaters made by recycled plastics and oyster shells from Long Wharf Supply Company seem incredible. And now, after co-founders and siblings Lauren and Michael Lamanga have appeared on season 13 episode 2 of ‘Shark Tank’ to market their work further, let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Long Wharf Supply Company: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Sibling-duo Lauren and Michael Lamanga are the masterminds behind the smooth growing operations of Long Wharf Supply Company, but the initial idea came to the latter. Having grown up along the coast of Newburyport, Massachusetts, they have always had a special place for beaches, boats, and fishing in their hearts. However, Michael eventually obtained a degree in finance and relocated to New York, where he worked with private equity and fashion firms. During this time, he grew interested in the idea of start-ups and their working while never leaving his roots.

That’s when he decided to launch his own start-up, something that would combine his career experiences with his personal history. From there, the product and design inspiration came to Michael when he saw an authentic fisherman sweater in his father’s closet. The thick ribbed cuffs and collars drew him to the vintage wear, and since he and his family usually spoke of lessening plastic waste in water bodies, he also chose to incorporate that. As for the business’s name, that’s a nod to his great-grandfather, a textile mill worker at Long Wharf, a historic pier in Boston.

Lauren works at Long Wharf Supply Company as the Brand Manager, especially as she has a distinct set of skills attained from working at an eco-friendly candle firm and a few other brands. By late-summer 2020, the duo finally got their business going for good with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that raised $75,009. Lauren and Michael haven’t really revealed how their sweaters are produced, affirming just that they use rPET yarn, a recycled polyester yarn made from crushed natural oyster shells and recycled poly fibers from used plastics. It serves all their purposes.

Long Wharf Supply Company: Where Are They Now?

Since its launch, Long Wharf Supply Company has done wonders in terms of its mission and collection. Their sweaters are good quality, durable, and sustainable, but they are also cozy and comfortable, making them perfect for everyone. Apart from 50% rPET yarn, it looks like the designs comprise 20% nylon, 20% plant-based viscose, and 10% pure lambswool to warrant insulation, warmth, and ease of wear and keep. They are on the expensive side, yet it seems worth it considering the possible longevity. While men’s sweaters cost between $128-$158, woman’s are around $128-$138.

Apart from these soft clothing, Long Wharf Supply Company also offers a few small items like travel kits, coasters, passport sleeves, and keyfobs, along with other goods like bags, hats, and accessories. The best part is that a portion of their sales always goes towards reseeding coastal oyster reefs, which are natural filters for our water bodies and work up to 50 gallons a day. In fact, to date, they have already helped reseed more than 70,000 oysters. Michael, in particular, also serves on the Board of Harlem Lacrosse, a program that helps underprivileged youth in the locality. In other words, Long Wharf Supply Company only wants to do good.

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