Is Lori Greiner From Shark Tank Married? Does She Have Children?

The American entrepreneur, and inventor, rose to fame in the public eye after featuring in ABC’s hit business series ‘Shark Tank’ and its spin-off series ‘Beyond the Tank.’ Lori Greiner’s smart investment in ‘Scrub Daddy’ has been regarded as one of the biggest successes in the show’s history. But what about the highs in her personal life’s graph? Now, imagine meeting someone at a neighborhood sports bar and knowing in the pit of your stomach that he is “the one”?

That is precisely how the magnate’s love story began, and she is still holding on to it even after two decades. The pair has earned quite the reputation by their charitable deeds and a staunch belief in giving back to the society. Here is everything we know about the adorable couple’s journey so far!

Lori Greiner’s Early Ventures

After majoring in communications at Loyola University, Lori Greiner worked as a playwright and jewelry designer for a short time. In 1996, her creative business idea got picked up by J.C. Penney, an American departmental store, and there was no turning back for the Chicago-resident. The ingenious jewelry organizer allowed her to pay back the humongous bank loan within eighteen months.

After her whopping success, Lori treated it as a stepping stone to expand her company and gradually transitioned into reality television to launch her own show ‘Clever & Unique Creations’ in 2000. It is one of the longest-running shows on QVC and has made Lori a household name. Currently, she stands as a proud creator of 800 products and over 100 patented consumer items. Despite living a public life, the “Queen of QVC” has kept her private life entirely under wraps. So, we dug deeper to find out these little details about her married life!

Lori Greiner’s Husband

Lori met her now-husband at Kincaid’s bar at Lincoln Park, a fashionable street in Chicago. This was during 1996 when both had soaring ambitions and were struggling to make it big in life. Formerly, Dan Greiner was an assistant controller at Bell & Howell Co., a media equipment supplier. Lori had fallen head over heels in love with him, thus decided to get married right after completing her graduation. Before the turn of the century, the newly wedded wife had a brilliant idea for an acrylic jewelry organizer.

Her husband saw great potential in the hand-drawn sketch she presented to him and even encouraged her to take a six-figure loan against their house for its manufacturing and production. When exhibited on her show ‘Lori Greiner’s Clever and Unique Creations, the now-infamous artifact fetched hundreds of orders within days. Dan believed so much so in its success that in 1999, he quit his job to help her hands on. Today, he is the vice president and chief financial officer of the organization, For Your Ease Only.

Lori often talks about Dan’s unwavering support after taking out the $120,000 loan and the eventual skyrocketing sales of the jewelry organizer. In her bestseller book, “Invent it, Sell it, Bank it!: Make Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality,” she states how her husband “was on board from the minute I told him about my idea.” The endearing pair divides their lives between suburban Philadelphia, near the headquarters for QVC, and Chicago, where they share a partner desk in their home office.

On numerous occasions, Dan gets to see the “look” on his wife’s face each time a fresh business conception pops up in her mind. As he narrated to Crain’s Chicago Business in 2009, he has always been fascinated to see Lori “looking up in the sky, with a slight smile” while penning down her brilliance on a piece of paper. The ‘Shark Tank’ star often reminds the fledgling business owners of the price they will have to pay for setting such high-reaching goals. Lori and her husband sure have paid theirs as they have never been able to take out the time to have a child together. But they do not fail to amaze their employees by the unique equation they share at home and work.

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