Shawn and Destinie: Love After Lockup Season 3 Update

Love After Lockup‘ is a We TV classic where ‘ball and chain’ gets a whole new meaning. Feelings can blossom anywhere, and for the couples in the show, it happens when one of them is behind bars. As the incarcerated partner looks forward to being released, life outside will need readjusting. On top of that, they have the added burden of a relationship and its expectations. Understandably, the drama arises when some of these relationships implode. But, do Shawn and Destinie stand a chance? And who are they?

Who is Shawn?

Shawn describes himself as a quiet and laid back guy. He’s the father of six children, but he’s never been married. The man has been in an on and off relationship with Kelly, the mother of his kids. They have gotten together at various times over 22 years, and at one point, Shawn thought that she was the one. However, now that he’s met Destinie, the definition of ‘the one’ has changed for Shawn.

Who is Destinie?

Destinie is in prison, and her criminal record includes identity theft, escape, forgery, and more. Shawn also tells us that she has a history of drug use. Shawn is ready to look past Destinie’s mistakes, saying that people are not themselves when they are on drugs. The two have been together for nine months now, and talk to each other twice a day.

What Are Shawn And Destinie’s Relationship Prospects?

Shawn is ready to settle down with Destinie, but there is a slight caveat. In all their time together, he has never seen her in person. She’s forbidden him from visiting her in prison, saying that she’s gained weight. Shawn is visibly concerned that he might be getting catfished. However, is Destinie catfishing him?

Well, Destinie asks Shawn to meet the bondsman and arrange bail for her. When he goes to see the bondsman and speaks of Destinie and her record, it seems to match. Therefore, it is unlikely that Destinie is a catfish. However, that does not mean that she’s not using Shawn. After all, he has spent thousands of dollars on her already, as per Shawn’s accounts.

If Shawn is being used, their relationship will have a rocky ending. In all likelihood, this is not a couple who will find their happiness together. Shawn and Destinie simply do not seem to be on the same page, and Destinie’s conning past, peppered with drug use, is not something she can get rid of so easily. However, if what Destinie and Shawn have is real, the couple still has their work cut out for themselves.

Shawn is a father to six kids, and if Destinie wants to be a part of his life, she has to get acquainted with the children as well. It remains to be seen how Kelly, the mother, reacts to an ex-con associating with her kids. It might lead to some tensions among the three, which just might tear Shawn and Destinie asunder. In conclusion, things don’t look too good for Shawn and Destinie. The nine months they have spent together is substantial, but their interactions have not included face to face meetings, which is crucial in all relationships. It would be wisest not to hold out too much hope for this couple’s relationship to work out happily.

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