Love, Death and Robots Season 3 Episode 2 Ending, Explained

Love, Death & Robots‘ is an anthology series that blends science fiction, horror, and comedy elements to a great effect through short and crisp standalone stories. The second episode of the show’s third season is directed by David Fincher and titled ‘Bad Traveling.’ The seafaring story follows a sailor forced to confront a mythical crustacean sea creature.

As a result, the ship’s crew fights for survival, and the sailor must make some difficult choices that will determine his and the crew’s fate. Naturally, viewers must be curious to learn about the outcome of this doomed sea journey. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Love, Death & Robots’ season 3 episode 2! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2, titled ‘Bad Traveling,’ opens with a ship sailing in an alien ocean hunting for an elusive mythical creature known as “the Great Jable Shark.” However, the ship’s crew comes under attack from a Thanopod, a revenues crustacean sea monster who eats the flesh of the ship’s crew. After much deliberation, Torrin is sent to confront the sea monster. Torrin realizes that the Thanopod can speak, and it expresses its demand to be safely transported to Phaiden Island, the nearest island. In exchange, the Thanopod may spare the crew’s lives.

After bargaining with the Thanopod and sharing the information with his crewmates, Torrin kills the group’s leader and takes over the position. Before agreeing with the Thanopod’s demand, Torrin makes the crewmates vote through a secret ballot. Since Phaiden Island is populated, the creature could wreak havoc on its innocent residents. Therefore, Torrin proposes leading the Thanopod to a different isolated island. However, the other island is significantly further from Phaiden Island, thereby presenting the crew with a dilemma.

The voting decides that it would be unjust to lead the monster to Phaiden Island and jeopardize the lives of hundreds of innocent people. However, Torrin kills the two people in favor of heading to Phaiden Island and feeds them to the monster. The crew soon realizes that Torrin’s plan will doom them all, and they plan a secret attempt on his life. However, Torrin had already anticipated the attack. He kills all but one crew member of the ship. He finds the last surviving crew member locked in a chest for not partaking in the assassination attempt. In the end, as the threat of the Thanopod rises, Torrin must find a way to survive.

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Episode 2 Ending: Does Torrin Survive? What Happens to the Thanopod?

After Torrin makes a deal with the Thanopod, it becomes evident that the ship’s crew is effectively doomed. The creature eats human flesh, and there is a limited source of food available on board for it to consume. Therefore, Torrin strategically takes out his crewmates and feeds them to the monster. After learning that the Thanopod has birthed several offspring, Torrin realizes that he must quickly feed the monster and its children to ensure his survival. As a result, he draws the crew members into a trap and kills them.

After the surviving crewmate helps Torrin feed the Thanopod, Torrin reveals that the secret ballot was a sham as everyone had voted in favor of heading to Phaiden Island. he then pushes the man below deck, making him food for the creatures. The ship arrives at a nearby island, but the Thanopod realizes that it has been tricked. Before the creature can unleash its wrath upon Torrin, he burns down the ship with oil and escapes in a lifeboat. The episode ends with the Thanopod meeting a fiery end as Torrin rows away.

The episode’s ending paints Torrin’s actions in a new light. Initially, it appears that Torrin is morally unjust and only working to ensure his own survival. However, in the end, viewers learn that Torrin knew that the ship’s crew was already doomed and had no chance of survival. However, their deaths could be used to avert the Thanopod from attacking the innocent residents of Phaiden Island. Moreover, Torrin is the only person on the ship who has the ruthlessness to carry out the necessary actions to stop the monster from heading to Phaiden Island. Ultimately, Torrin succeeds in leading the Thanopod away from Phaiden Island and to its demise. However, Torrin is also the sole survivor of the incident, which highlights the moral ambiguity of his actions.

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