Love is Blind Japan Host Yuka Itaya: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Yuka Itaya/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ brings its own twist to dating reality shows by having its contestants get acquainted through a speed dating-like procedure where they don’t get to see each other. Once the couples end up proposing, they meet and even settle down into everyday life before deciding whether to break up or remain together. By making people fall in love with each other’s personalities before they appear face-to-face, the show tries to answer the question of whether love is truly blind.

Yuka Itaya is a Japanese actress who serves as the host of the inaugural season of ‘Love is Blind: Japan,’ the spin-off of the American version of the show. After witnessing her skills and charm, fans got really curious about her life. Well, here’s everything we found out about her!

Yuka Itaya’s Age and Background

Yuka Itaya was born on June 22, 1975, in Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan and spent the whole of her childhood in the East Asian country. Belonging to a tight-knit family, Yuka enjoyed her childhood and grew up with deeply embedded familial values she still prioritizes to this day. However, Yuka prefers privacy when it comes to her family members and refrains from divulging much information about her parents on social media.

Interested in fine arts since a young age, Yuka attended the Kyushu International University/High School before enrolling herself in the Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Junior College/University in Minami-ku, Fukuoka. However, she did not step into the world of acting immediately upon graduation. Instead, Yuka chose to work as a PeeWee exclusive model in 1994. In the following year, she tested her prowess in the music industry and teamed up with Hanamaru Hakata and Otako Pū to release the single “SO.TA.I.”

Yuka Itaya’s Profession

Yuka started her career as an exclusive model for PeeWee and released a music single before planning to make a foray into the entertainment industry in 1996, as a student on the NHK show ‘Italia Go Kaiwa.’ After starring in ‘Kinpatsu-sensei for several episodes, she took on a major role in the 1999 movie ‘Avec mon mari, opposite Kentarō Ōtani. For her performance in the romantic comedy film, Yuka also won the Best Newcomer award at Yokohama Film Festival in 2000.

Since then, the actress hasn’t looked back and has gone on to win numerous laurels throughout her acting career. Yuka has worked in popular Japanese productions like ‘Machiben,’ ‘A Stranger of Mine,’ ’37 Seconds,’ ‘Sad Vacation,’ and ‘You Lie in April.’ Besides, as a testimony to her brilliant work, the talented actress also won several awards between 1999 and 2007. Additionally, reports also state that apart from her career in films and television, Yuka has modeled quite a bit and also starred in several advertisements for big brands.

Yuka Itaya’s Husband and Kids

Although she might be the host of a dating reality show, Yuka Itaya is a committed wife who tied the knot with wardrobe stylist Hirohiko Furuta in 2007. As per reports, the two first met while working on a movie set. Even after being together for so many years, the couple appears to be wholly smitten with each other. Yuka and Hitohiko have built a fantastic relationship and are also quite open about expressing their love for each other in public.

Besides, the couple even share two children, reportedly born in 2008 and 2012, respectively. The lovely pictures Yuka and Hitohiko share on their social media handles act as a testament to their strong relationship. Thus, with Yuka and her family living the best days of their lives at present, we want to wish them the very best for the road ahead.


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