Love is Blind Japan’s Priyanka Yoshikawa: Everything We Know

Love is Blind‘ is an innovative dating reality show that follows a group of hopeful singles looking for love. For the initial ten days, the individuals get to know each other through a speed dating format — without actually meeting face-to-face — at the end of which they decide whether they want to propose. The couples who get engaged then meet in real life and head to a couple’s retreat before settling down in everyday life.

In the end, each contestant is asked to decide whether they wish to stay in the relationship; thus, answering the question of whether love is actually blind. The stunning Priyanka Yoshikawa turned heads when she made an appearance on the first season of the Japanese version of the show — ‘Love is Blind: Japan.’ With fans now interested to know more about her, we decided to jump in and find out!

Priyanka Yoshikawa’s Age, Ethnicity and Family

Born on January 20, 1994, to an Indian father and Japanese mother, Priyanka Yoshikawa is quite proud of her mixed ethnicity and has always considered it a boon to grow up in such a diverse household. Although she was born in Tokyo, Japan, she spent three years of her life in Sacramento, California, from ages 6 to 9. Reports even state that Priyanka lived in Calcutta, India, for a year before returning to her home country of Tokyo. Naturally, her travels around the world helped open her eyes to new cultures and made Priyanka quite efficient in the languages English, Japanese, and Bengali.

Although Priyanka mentioned how she has sometimes been discriminated against because of her mixed ethnicity, she has never let it get to her. She even prefers to use the term “Indo-Japanese mix” instead of “hāfu” — which translates to half-Japanese — to describe herself and mentioned that her family taught her to be proud of the person she is. Incidentally, the reality star remains close to her family even after gaining fame and always values familial values over everything else.

Priyanka Yoshikawa’s Profession

Priyanka Yoshikawa is perhaps best known for being the second multiracial woman to win Miss World Japan. She won the title in 2016, which immediately boosted her popularity and brought her into the spotlight. Reports suggest that before taking part in the pageant, she worked as a translator and art therapist. Priyanka is also an accomplished kickboxer and enjoys the combat sport. Interestingly, her childhood dream of owning an elephant led her to study elephant conservation, and she is now a certified Elephant trainer.

Winning Miss World Japan 2016 flared up numerous doors for Priyanka and put her career on the fast track. In an inspiring Tedx Talk, the brilliant beauty even chose to share her experience of living through discrimination and still finding success. In 2020, Priyanka established her own “genderless” CBD-infused skincare brand, MUKOOMI, which prides itself on its diversity and inclusion. Besides, she is also an active social worker and has been involved with several organizations, including being the Global Ambassador for Smile Asia.

Is Priyanka Yoshikawa Dating Anyone?

Priyanka has always been quite private when it comes to her dating life and hasn’t revealed much in public. However, we do know that she was single when she signed up for ‘Love is Blind: Japan’, hoping to find true love. On the show, Priyanka developed a deep connection with Mizuki, and their relationship seemed like it was meant to last. The two overcame numerous barriers and obstacles before Mizuki popped the question, and Priyanka was only too happy to say yes.

However, Priyanka soon began doubting the feelings of the 29-year-old restauranteur and even found him to be pretentious during their double date. Although nothing is confirmed by the pair yet, both Priyanka and Mizuki do not follow each other on Instagram. Moreover, their vastly different current lifestyles and the absence of rings on their fingers also hint at the possibility that the two have gone their separate ways.

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