Love Island Australia Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

‘Love Island Australia’ is a reality TV series that follows a group of singles AKA Islanders, as they share a bond with each other in hopes of finding love, friendship, or any bond to last longer on the show. Upon its premiere in 2018, season 1 introduced several individuals that aimed to entertain the viewers in order to get their support to win. However, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp ended up taking home the grand prize and leaving the villa as the winning pair. Now that it has been years since the conclusion of the inaugural iteration, fans must be curious to know the current whereabouts of all the couples, and we have the answers to the same. Let’s delve in!

Where are Mark O’Dare and Millie Fuller Now?

Mark and Millie reportedly had a great run on the show and looked like each others’ endgame. However, after dating for a few months, the pair decided to split up on cordial terms in April 2019. The real reason behind their breakup was not made public, and we believe that the pair decided to end the relationship as they were different individuals and wanted different things in life; hence they went their separate ways. Millie took to Instagram to announce the split.

She wrote, “Mark and I have had such an amazing time together and we will forever cherish our special moments, unfortunately at this point in time we have decided we are both going in different directions and have to part ways.” She also shared a beautiful quote saying, “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.” After all these years, Millie has definitely moved on in life. She is a full-time social influencer who spends her time promoting food, beauty products, and clothing lines. In her downtime, she loves to hang out with her friends and embark on vacations.

While announcing their split, Mark stated, “Millie and I have had such an amazing time together and we will forever cherish our special moments. Unfortunately, at this point in time we have decided we are both going in different directions and have to part ways, we still remain very close friends.” Following that, he took some time off social media to focus on himself. As of today, he is in a loving relationship with Maja Milicevic since 2019. The Sydney native is a Western Sydney University graduate and has also studied at UNSW Law & Justice.

Where are Dom Thomas and Shelby Bilby Now?

After a few pairings, Dom and Shelby found solace in each other’s arms. However, like most ‘Love Island’ couples, the pair reportedly split shortly after leaving the villa. The duo felt it was best for them to take a step back from each other, and within weeks of dating, the pair decided to go separate ways. Dom revealed, “We have decided that we are best off as friends.” He went ahead to date co-star and fellow Islander Tayla in October 2018. In a since-deleted post, Dom wrote, “Looking back, it was always going to happen let’s be real!”

However, Tayla and Dom broke up in June 2019. Later, Shelby dated Freestyle Motocross Rider Harry Bink for a while; however, they broke up in 2020. As of today, both Dom and Shelby are single and chilling out with friends and living their best life. Dom quit his job as a Project Manager and is killing it in the real world as a Travel Content Creator, exploring the world with his best friend, Josh Moss. The two co-host the podcast ‘Intelligence Pending with Dom & Josh.’ Meanwhile, Shelby has focused all her energy on her social media page and is currently an influencer.

Where are Amelia Plummer and Josh Moss Now?

The only couple who stayed for a long time after the cameras stopped rolling was Josh and Amelia. After 4 years of dating, the pair took to Instagram to announce their split in May 2022. Amelia penned, “Always choose yourself and happiness no matter what. I felt it was necessary to share that Josh and I have decided to split. This was the most heartbreaking yet respectful breakup… I think we portrayed a happy, healthy relationship. And it was that for most of the part, but there were also a lot of challenging moments we didn’t share.”

She added, “Josh and I are on incredible terms (for a breakup) and want the happiest life for one another. But sadly, right now, we have to find happiness separately. Of course, I love Josh and will miss our crazy special life together, but right now, this is the best for us both.” Josh also threw light on the situation, saying, “This has been one of the hardest and most heartbreaking decisions we have ever had to make, we had an incredible life together for 4 years. However, at the end of the day we took some time to reflect and decided we were both heading in different directions.”

He concluded, “I still do love Amelia she holds a special place in my heart. The moments we shared together is something ill never forget. We are on really good terms and both wish nothing but the best for each other.” Josh is a very fun-loving persona and has remained best friends with his co-stars. He is often seen hanging out with Dom, with whom he runs a podcast, ‘Intelligence Pending with Dom & Josh.’ He also has another podcast with Michael Brunelli titled, ‘The Handbags.’ On the other hand, Amelia co-hosts a podcast titled ‘Chicks Unhinged’ with Ariella Nyssa. The passionate belly dancer and vegan influencer also shares vegan meal ideas via her e-book, ‘ Meals by Mils.’

Where are Eden Dally and Erin Barnett Now?

Eden and Erin left the villa hand-in-hand after securing the second position. Though the pair showed great chemistry on the show, it faded off-screen, and it soon became clear that they were just not meant to be. The two broke up in September 2018, just over a month following their exit from the show. Erin took to YouTube to describe the reasons behind their breakup. She alleged that their relationship had become abusive. In a statement, Eden denied such claims, saying, “I would like to say that the aggressive, threatening, and angry person Erin’s painted me as is not a true reflection of who I am.”

After the drama wore off, Eden was crowned Mr. World Australia. In 2019, he also found his soulmate, Cyrell Jiminez-Paule, who appeared in ‘Married At First Sight.’ The couple welcomed a beautiful baby, Boston, in February 2020. As for Erin, she is madly in love with her new beau Mick Russell and is chilling with her friends back in Melbourne. She spoke beautiful words about her boyfriend when they were moving in together, saying, “This is such a big thing for me, as I’ve never lived out of home and I’ve never ever moved in with a boyfriend.”

She added, “This is the kind of relationship I always dreamed about but never thought I’d have. He treats me with respect every day, he makes me laugh every day, he helps me through my ups and downs every day, but most importantly… He makes me happy every day!” Erin is an ambassador for Endometriosis Australia that aims to raise awareness, provide education programs, and help fund research for Endometriosis. She has also launched her book ‘Endo Unfiltered.’

Where are Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp Now?

Tayla and Grant left the villa with the brightest smiles and $25,000. It was not until they landed in Australia, and to Tayla’s horror, she thought Grant had a secret girlfriend all the while he said he was smitten by her. Heartbroken by the news, Tayla called his act a “publicity stunt” to simply “make a name for himself.” After allegedly discovering the truth and the alleged double life of Grant, she said, “The information I’ve been given is that Grant told the girlfriend he was going on Love Island Australia to promote his business and make a name for himself.”

Grant and Lucy Cartwright, “the secret girlfriend,” shared their side of the story to clear the air of tension and the allegations directed towards him. Grant revealed, “I spoke to Lucy over the weekend to see how she was going and we’re just taking each day as it comes. We had a really good friendship before ‘Love Island,’ and I hope we can rekindle what we had before.” He denied the allegations claiming that he and Lucy did have a strong connection prior to leaving for the show, however, nothing was serious.

Lucy attested to this by saying, “Me and Grant knew each other for a long time before ‘Love Island.’ We were really good friends and had a really close friendship. But it was never anything serious.” Despite the severity of the drama, it is safe to say, “all well that ends well.” Tayla moved on from the heartbreak and started seeing co-star Dom Thomas. However, that relationship didn’t last either, and they split in June 2019.

Fans would be delighted to learn that Tayla found love again and is happily married to AFL played Nathan Broad. The two exchanged vows on October 17, 2022, in the presence of their friends and family members. On the other hand, Grant and Lucy gave birth to a beautiful baby Charli and are still so much in love. Professionally, Grant has a successful clothing line called Royal Apparel and works as a personal trainer. We are happy to see the reality stars with their respective partners and wish them all the luck in the world.

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