Love Island Australia Season 3: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

Based on the long-running eponymous British series, ‘Love Island Australia’ is a dating reality TV series that follows a group of singles who live together in a villa for some weeks and must couple up with one another to take home the prize money. Season 3 of the series rode on the hype created by the couplings and uncouplings and allowed the audience to learn and see more of the dramatic relationships made within the Villa. Naturally, fans of the series are now curious to know what the couples of Season 3 are up to, and we are here to answer those questions.

Taku Chimwaza and Michela Louis Have Separated

Taku and Michela had an ongoing on-and-off connection at the Villa, which other islanders felt wasn’t strong enough. After being eliminated from the Villa on Day 41, the duo stayed together in an “exclusive setting” where they weren’t seeing anyone else, yet nothing was made official. In 2021, Taku revealed to 9Now, “At the moment, we’re hanging out a lot. I guess you can call it exclusive. We’ve been hanging out a lot and said we don’t want to see anyone else but each other.”

The reality TV star added, “At the moment, we’re just really trying to make sure we take things as slowly as we can. I think as soon as we start looking too far ahead, that’s when we start tripping. I think we’re in a very comfortable position at the moment, and I don’t see why we can’t progress to the next level.” However, the couple’s relationship didn’t last, and they are now broken up.

Taku is a professional rugby player with a soft spot for beautiful fragrances. He is a budding influencer with an official Instagram page, Smell and Tell Fragrance, where he frequently posts reviews, facts, and lists of great perfumes. In addition, Taku has a podcast, ‘Back to Reality,’ with Al Perkins from Season 4. On the other hand, Michela is working as a model at Fashion Nova and is managed by Bella Management. The absence of a significant other in their social media posts indicates that both reality TV stars are likely single as of writing.

Courtney Stubbs and Noah Hura Are Not Together Anymore

Noah Hura and Courtney Stubbs were inseparable in the Love Island Australia Villa, but they officially ended things in 2021. The couple disclosed their separation in a statement on the Channel 9 dating show’s official Instagram page. Like most couples on the show, they revealed that COVID-19 restrictions and long distances were the main reason behind their decision to split.

Courtney told 9Entertainment,’ We had a really strong connection, but being apart from each other and being as fragile as we were has made us drift apart.’ She added, “He can’t come to the Gold Coast, I can’t go to Melbourne without coming home. The border closures caused quite a problem for us.’ Noah revealed that he felt the same, adding, “It does suck, and it is really sad because I do think we get along really well. The timing with everything at the moment is hard.”

Currently, Courtney is in a happy and healthy relationship with her partner, Jack Miller, who appeared in ‘Married at First Sight.’ The couple seemingly made their relationship official in July 2022. On the work front, Courtney is a model represented by Neon Model Management. On the other hand, Noah focuses on his social media presence and works with brands such as Ambition the Label. From what we can tell, he is currently not seeing anyone.

Chris Graudins and Zoe Clish Have Broken Up

Chris and Zoe appeared to be inseparable on the show and devoted to sustaining their relationship. Though they reached the finals, they left the show securing the third position. After filming, the couple was enthusiastic about their upcoming adventure and even mentioned that they would meet each other’s families.

There was even a time when Chris and Zoe planned to settle down and start a happy life together. They even posted countless photos to social media. Sadly, on December 20, 2021, they both revealed on social media that they were breaking up. Chris said that while they had a wonderful time together, it wasn’t meant to be. He further affirmed that the two had maintained their friendship despite their breakup.

In a now-deleted post, Zoe felt that the breakup was her fault, and she posted, “Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, I have realized that I’m not as ready as I thought I was for a relationship. I didn’t realize until being in a healthy loving relationship that I really do have some past issues that have stuck with me.” Currently, the reality TV star works as a model and a social media influencer, with numerous brand deals under her belt. Although Zoe is reportedly single presently, she has built a happy life surrounded by friends and family.

Once filming for season 3 ended, Chris began dating castmate Lexy Thornberry around February 2022, but they split four months later in June of the same year. Lexy shared that there was too much pressure on their relationship; hence they decided to part ways. Currently, Chris is a riot officer and a content creator represented by Vive Management. Since he has maintained privacy on social media, not much can be said about his relationship status.

Aaron Waters and Jess Velkovski Have Parted Ways

Aaron and Jess originally had trouble connecting with anyone and switched partners frequently. But once they matched on day 10, they appeared to develop a strong bond. Although, there were numerous roadblocks the pair had to overcome. At one point, Aaron even dumped Jess for Eliza. Nevertheless, the duo managed to get back together and were declared the runners-up on the show.

However, fans weren’t shocked when Jess and Aaron parted ways just a few days after filming, attesting to the different issues they faced on the show. The couple announced their breakup on social media, and Aaron said he never spoke to Jess or kept contact after the split. The two said that even though their chapter was definitively ended, they harbored no ill will and expressed their best wishes for one another.

Jess and Aaron appear to be single at the moment and are living life to the fullest with their loved ones. Aaron is currently pursuing his successful modeling career and is represented by Chic Management. Meanwhile, Jess is an influencer and model represented by Neon Management.

Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis Are No Longer Together

Mitch and Tina were titled the winners of Season 3 and left the show hand in hand with $50,000 prize money. Once filming ended, the couple allegedly parted ways in February 2022. However, love found its way in Season 4, and the duo was surprised yet happy to see each other. Latent feelings surfaced as they reignited their romance. Sadly, Mitch and Tina split up once more in December 2022. The latter discussed their final breakup on Instagram, saying it was “poor timing” and they both needed some space.

In now-deleted Instagram stories, Tina shared, “It’s with a very sad, heavy heart that I tell you guys Mitch and I are no longer together. I’m so devastated to be sharing this news with you, and I am still processing the situation. Sadly, this was not our time, and we agreed that the best decision for us right now is to part ways.” Mitch addressed the same within an hour, writing, “Out of respect, I would like to let you know that Tina and I have decided to end our relationship.”

The pair further added that they might not get back together, despite previously hinting at the same. Mitch agreed that long distance was the biggest enemy of their love and that he needed to work on himself more. They went their ways to improve personally, and it appears that they are achieving their goals. Currently, Tina runs a thriving PR consulting company and a YouTube channel. On the other hand, Mitch is focusing on his successful career in Australian Football League (AFL) club.

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