Love Island Spain Season 2: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Giving love a chance, several singles enter ‘Love Island Spain’ to find a true connection. The reality dating series chronicles the journey of individuals as they try to find a prospective partner. However, their journey to forevermore doesn’t come easy as more singles are added into the mix. As prospective relationships get tested, and connections begin to dwindle, the singles find themselves battling heartbreak and jealousy at every corner. The second iteration of the series also features individuals who try to find love in unique situations. Naturally, fans have continued to wonder about the contestants’ journey outside the show.

Yaiza and Luis Are Separated

Yaiza and Luis had hit it off from the very start. Their striking chemistry had drawn them close, and their ability to let down their walls further contributed to their growing connection. Throughout the season, their relationship prospered and gave them a chance to solidify things a bit more. In the end, their love and affection intrigued fans, too. Winning the whopping cash prize, the individuals walked out of the show hand in hand.

However, since then, Yaiza and Luis have gone their separate ways. The individuals are no longer together but have been quiet about the reason for their parting. Luis is now working as an online creator and is in a relationship with Lili Killers. Similarly, Yaiza has also mapped the road to success and has regained the ropes of dancing. Likewise, she’s also grown a significant online audience.

Alberto and Ruth Are No Longer Together

Alberto and Ruth became the answer to their heart’s desire when Ruth entered the villa in the Casa Amor segment. Earlier, Alberto had hoped he’d find a stable connection with several women in the house. Ultimately, Ruth’s bright demeanor won him over. After the show, the two, alas, separated.

Since the show, the two have ventured onto different paths and are now looking onto new milestones in their careers and lives. Alberto, who was studying to be a policeman at the time, now likes to keep a low profile. As for Ruth, the television personality has continued her association with education. She is still a teacher and continues to impart and disseminate knowledge to help young minds grow.

Lara and Ruben Have Separated

Unlike other members of the house, Lara and Ruben’s whirlwind romance didn’t happen until the very end. Their love blossomed when Ruben returned to the house on Day 27 after getting eliminated early on. Later, however, the two decided to part ways. Since the show, the individuals have been growing as professionals.

Ruben has become a DJ and performs an array of events across cities. Similarly, Lara has been focusing on her work and has even become an online creator. When she’s not modeling for new campaigns, she likes to set off to new destinations and accrue different experiences through traveling.

Carlos and Katherine Are Broken Up

Carlos and Katherine had found their way to each other after crossing a lot of hurdles. Initially, Carlos had found himself developing a close bond with Mikaela. However, that changed when Katherine entered the house. In time, their relationship grew, and the two opened up about their future and discussed how they could be better partners.

While their relationship wasn’t without its ups and downs, the two remained devoted to each other throughout the series. However, their whirlwind romance didn’t translate to an ever-evolving connection outside the show. Since leaving reality television, Carlos and Katherine have ventured onto different paths. The two are growing as professionals and online creators in their own capacity.

Eder and Paola Are On Individual Paths

Entering the island on Day 19, Eder had managed to enthral Paola instantaneously. The duo formed a strong bond, becoming the driving force for their relationship. Even though the duo couldn’t win the top spot, they walked out of the show hand in hand. However, the ‘Love Island’ aftermath ultimately pulled them apart, and the couple has since been focusing on their personal and professional goals.

Image Credit: Paola Cerron/Instagram

Eder, the then-forklifter, now commands a significant following on social media and has become a content creator. From modeling to endorsing brands, the TikTok and OnlyFans creators have continued to make considerable progress. As for Paola, the television personality has also grown on personal and professional terms. Now based in London, Paola now likes to keep her personal and professional trajectory under wraps. While little is known about her life, we know that the television personality was studying to be a lawyer during her appearance on the show. Naturally, we think that she’s steadfast in her path.

Juanvi and Ariadna Are Growing Individually

Despite arriving late in the ‘Love Island’ villa, Juanvi and Ariadna managed to find an innate connection and mutual liking soon after they entered the ‘Love Island’ villa. After making their relationship official at the last coupling, the duo hoped to enter the finale.

Image Credit: Ariadna Lopez/Instagram

While the top spot was not in their fate, Juanvi and Ariadna walked away from the show hand in hand. Since then, the two have separated and are now growing as individuals. Ariadna is still a sports journalist and is associated with Laliga and Mediapro Group channels. As for Juanvi, the jet ski specialist has since remained outside the spotlight.

Saul and Lorena Are Still in Love

The former Miss Spain had managed to enthral audiences and members of the house from the get-go. After connecting with Saul on the first coupling session, Lorena and Saul continued to grow as a unit. After Ruben had chosen to couple with Lorena in the second coupling, Saul had even challenged him to an elimination, proving that his affection for Lorena was true and genuine. However, the couple had to leave the house after fans voted them out. Nevertheless, the two have remained loyal to their promises and are still together.

Since the season, Lorena has continuously dabbled in an array of expertise. The pageant queen has now been working as a nutritionist and dietitian. With various qualifications that attest to her expertise, Lorena has accrued wide renown. In addition, the travel enthusiast is also a model. Similarly, Saul has been working as an online creator. The TikTok and Instagram creator has a significant following and posts an array of lighthearted content.

Carmen Sanchez is Focused on Her Career

Having entered late into the island, Carmen had to meander through the streak of singles to find a true connection. Initially, she had found a prospective connection with Carlos. However, the streak of doubt ultimately led her to create a bond with Juanvi and Andy. Later, she and Andy were dropped from the house following a vote. Since the show, the once-senior technician has been focusing on her personal growth. Based in Cadiz, Carmen’s work leads her to work with a myriad of brands. When she’s not attending events concerning her work, she likes to unwind with friends and family.

Mikaela Rivera is Now a Digital Creator

Having become the light of the ‘Love Island’ villa, Mikaela’s bright and vivacious personality had appealed to most members of the house. Even though she could not find a true and long-lasting connection in the show, she has continued to expand her skillset and grow as a media personality. The digital creator commands a massive following across media channels. She has been working as a Gamer and an online creator on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans.

Monica Portilla is Now A Makeup Artist

In the search for love, Monica had made her way into the series. While she had hoped to solidify a connection with Alan on the show, things changed when she was dumped from the house. Since the show, Monica has returned to working as a makeup artist. The television personality continues to refine her skills and grow as a professional. She also went on to find love and is now in a happy relationship with David Fernandez Malpica. The duo continues to share moments of bliss on their social media.

Margarita Dezaparicio is a Multi-talented Artist

After getting dumped on Day 4, Margarita was introduced to the singles once again as a surprise wild-card entry. However, the islander still failed to find a long-lasting relationship with any singles. After her sojourn on reality television, Margarita has continued her association with dance and acting. The trained performer is also a singer and model. Fans can head to her YouTube channel and find her symphonious renditions.

Aroa Navarro is Now A Community Manager

From creating and designing hearing aids to searching for the right person, Aroa’s interests captivated many singles. While her hopes to find love didn’t come true, the television personality has continued to make progress as an individual. She has since climbed the ladder of success and has been working as a Community Manager. Also a digital creator, Aroad continues to share snippets of her life online. Besides this, the television personality has also found love. She is currently in a relationship with Raul Cardaba, an entrepreneur and traveler.

Aurora Nicorici is An Online Creator

Aurora’s hopes to discover the heights of a true connection weren’t answered in ‘Love Island.’ Nevertheless, her time in the show allowed her to learn new things about herself and relationships. She has since been working as an online creator and continues to map the road to success. With a significant following across media channels, Aurora continues to grow as a creator on TikTok, Instagram, and Only Fans.

Deimante Samajauskaite Owns a Beach Club

Deimante had come to ‘Love Island’ to discover the untainted power of love. However, she couldn’t find the lasting connection she had hoped to discover. Since then, the beach club owner has been working and living in Spain. Besides endorsing clothing and jewellery brands, she also likes to travel and spend time with her loved ones.

Andy Fernandez is a Personal Trainer Even Today

Andy entered the ‘Love Island’ to find the person right for his heart. After leaving the tropical paradise, the television personality has been focusing on his work and climbing the ladder of success. Andy has maintained his association with fitness and has been working as a personal trainer since. Besides dropping tips and videos of his health routine on Instagram, he also shares snippets of his life with fans online. He is now dating Medusa, a model and an online creator.

Rafa Ros is a Model and Traveler

Rafa’s time on the show was filled with a series of ups and downs. From finding a prospective connection with Deimante to developing a relationship with Lara, the islander also bonded with women in the Casa Amor segment. Alas, he was dumped from the island at the last coupling session. Since then, he’s been working as a model and an online personality. With a significant following online, Rafa represents Hawkers Crew and other brands, too.

Alan Alambo is Focused on His Personal and Professional Growth

Entering the house on Day 1, Alan had decided to form a couple with Lara and see things through. However, his heart later lurched towards Aroa, a bombshell in the ‘Love Island’ villa. Before getting dumped from the season on Day 19, Alan even had a connection with Monica. Since his time on reality television, the then-shop worker has continued to climb the ladder of success. Hailing from Guadalajara, Alan is now focused on making new milestones and making his dreams come true.

Tomas Gomez is Focusing On His Work

Albeit short, Tomas had managed to develop strong bonds with a number of singles and even become friends with other members of the house. After getting dumped from the ‘Love Island’ villa, Tomas has been continuing on his professional trajectory. The paratrooper even holds a Master’s Degree and is an avid traveler, too.

Felipe Neri is a Business Administration Graduate

While an ever-lasting connection was not on the books for Felipe in ‘Love Island,’ the television personality has continued to focus on his work and personal growth. Since the show, the Business Administration and Management graduate has been dabbling in several interests. The then-footballer has also become an online creator and influencer.

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