Love Off The Grid: Where Are the Couples Now? Are They Still Together?

Discovery Plus’ ‘Love Off The Grid’ is unique dating reality series that pushes the boundaries of modern relationships and takes viewers across a rollercoaster ride clubbed between modern and traditional relationships as individuals give up their life in the city to find their significant others “off the grid.” Season 1 featured four couples who garnered several fans owing to their captivating stories and determination to find love. Naturally, people are eager to know where the cast members are these days and just how many of the pairs are still in a relationship.

Charlie and Jen Are Leading a Happy Life Together

Jennifer Taylor and Charlie Moore proved to the world that “opposites do attract.” Despite having problems with Charlie’s humble lifestyle, Jen made a real effort to adapt herself to the mountain life of Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was quite challenging for her to leave the comforts of her home in Florida and her four boys, Curen, Maddox, Justice, and Tirian, and settle with the handsome mountain man. However, the pair played against all odds and won the game of love.

They are happily living together in their quaint mountain home amidst nature and making the most of their time together. Fitness enthusiast Jen is currently working as an Independent Consultant at her skincare company Arbonne. Though details of Charlie’s professional life are unknown, we know he is an actor and has made a few appearances in several productions, including the 2011 film, ‘Absolute Killers.’

Joe and Myesha Are Still Madly in Love

When you’re in love, you can make it happen. Myesha Price and Joe Watts proved it on the show, and even after cameras stopped rolling, the true meaning of love. The fan-favorite couple made it work despite their differences, and it was surely meant to be. Myesha left her city life in Fayetteville, Georgia, to be with her partner, who built a home for the two on a 23-acre farm in Alabama. As per reports, the pair tied the knot on October 21, 2021, and have been inseparable since.

Myesha completely adjusted to his farm life quite well and is also a goat mom now! Under the starry night and lights, the pair swore to be together forever. From what we can tell, their whole journey had been very dreamy. Myesha further adjusted to his polyamorous lifestyle and has no issues with opening their home to more partners. She is currently working as Assistant Teacher at Fayette County Early Headstart in her hometown, while Joe is busy working as a handyman, farmer, and writer. 

Spence and Lyndsay Are Keeping Their Love Lives Private

Love is all about second chances. The statement is true for lovers Spence and Lyndsay McKeever, who rekindled their love and wished to let go of past indifference and build a life together. On the show, viewers had a glimpse of their lives and the problems Lyndsay faced with Spence’s off-the-grid lifestyle. Her rocky relationship and the awkward brunch where Spence’s dad served her mac and cheese with his bare hands was the highlight of their journey on the show.

Though it appeared that the pair solved their issues and Lyndsay was happy to live her life off-the-grid with her partner, we are unsure whether the two are together or not. Lyndsay seems to continue her road trips with her pupper family; however, it seems like Spence is likely not a part of her recent adventures. Until the pair sheds information about the current status of their relationship, we cannot make any speculations. While Lyndsay is busy with her adventures and focusing on her Colorado River Rickshaw business, it is likely that Spence is still working as a mechanic at Mesa Mobile Mechanic, a company he started.

Josh and Angela Are Leading Their Live Separately

Josh and Angela’s relationship and journey on the show have been rocky since the very beginning. While other individuals managed to adjust to the off-the-grid life, Josh Hogan simply couldn’t adapt to the desert life in Yucca, Arizona. After the cameras stopped filming, Josh quickly realized that the desert lifestyle was just not his cup of tea.

Josh expressed his relief to be back home and soon rekindled his love for an ex-lover, Victoria, and the two got married shortly after. Josh wishes Angela all the very best in her life and wishes her to find love. Meanwhile, Angela likely prefers to keep the details about her current whereabouts under wraps.

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