Love Prison: Where Are The Participants Now?

A&E’s ‘Love Prison’ revolves around lovebirds who have found each other through online dating. The couples featured in the show have been talking to each other for a long time but have never had the chance to meet in real life. The reality show provides that opportunity to them by making them stay in a secluded cabin on a remote island.

The less-than-ideal circumstances allow the participants to get to know their online matches better and decide whether or not this is a relationship they would like to explore further in real life. The show premiered in 2014 and, as of writing, has only one season. If you are interested in what your favorites from the show are up to these days, we have your back!

Billy Serviss Prefers to Lead a Private Life Today

We are starting with Billy Serviss, the man who was part of the show’s very first season and lost out on his chance at real-life romance because he was talking to multiple women while staying on the remote island with his online match, Jeanne Siegel. Hailing from Sayville in Long Island, New York, Billy has a son who was 16 at the time of the show’s production.

Though Billy prefers to keep the details of his personal life private, he did talk about his experience on the show with New York Post. “You had to deal with the situation. Under normal circumstances, if it was somebody I was in a relationship with, I probably wouldn’t answer the phone,” Billy shared with the news outlet. “I learned stuff about Jeanne that we didn’t talk about on the phone or through text that came out on the island, [like] about her brother passing away.”

Jeanne Siegel is Managing Operations and Communications

Based in San Clemente, California, Jeanne Siegel came on the dating show looking for love and bonded with Billy over the fact that both of them are parents. Her two children were 11 and 8 around the time of the show’s production. The experience was far from easy for Jeanne, who found the restrictions taking a toll on herself. “You didn’t have anywhere to go and take a timeout,” she told New York Post.

She added, “That wore on me.” Despite the less-than-ideal ending of her romance with Billy, she has not given up hope on love. Presently, she serves as an Operations and Communications Manager for The First Tee of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Tiffany-Nicole Bennett is Creating Digital Content

When Tiffany-Nicole Bennett first met her partner Kenneth Dinkins, she was impressed by his attitude. “He offered something that wasn’t too typical,” she told the New York Post. “Most guys are like, ‘Oh, I’m looking for a beautiful girl.’ He was more, ‘This is what I can do. This is what I can offer.’ ” The two met up after nine months of conversation and were looking forward to getting to know each other despite the restrictive environment. “It’s called ‘Love Prison,’ and that’s exactly what it was,” Tiffany-Nicole explained.

She further added, “You always think that you know someone really well, [but] you never really know them until you’ve lived with them.” Presently, Tiffany-Nicole works as a Model and Influencer, often creating digital content for various online platforms like YouTube. She is affiliated with Bicoastal MGMT, which allows her to grab opportunities both in Manhattan, New York, and Los Angeles, California, the two cities she often lives in. Additionally, Tiffany-Nicole is partnered with  MMG for her modeling needs.

Kenneth Dinkins is Counseling and Advocating

Kenneth Dinkins (Left) and Tiffany-Nicole Bennett (Right)

As of writing, Kenneth Dinkins works as a Counselor and Advocate for KenThink(In) Consulting, having started the job in September 2006. As a part of his job, he provides services like ministry consulting, management, and volunteer work to establishments like churches and non-profit organizations, along with individual clients. The management skills utilized by Kenneth for he certainly make his customers happy, and the reality TV star himself seems pretty content with his work. Presently, he is based in Columbus, Ohio, and is also quite a talented poet.

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