Love Undercover Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Peacock’s ‘Love Undercover’ gives a chance to single American women to find love with some of the biggest football stars. However, the condition is that they do not get to know their identity. In the first season, some footballers were spoilt for choice and could not decide. At the same time, a few fixated their attention on the woman they wanted to build a connection with and pursued the relationship with all their heart. In a game that was competitive and wrought with emotions, it was also a fun ride all the way.

Sebastian and Brittany Have Broken Up

Brittany Gibson and Sebastián Fassi’s connection blossomed later in the season amidst Sebastián’s numerous dates. Despite his engagements with other women, Sebastián felt an immediate spark and connection with Brittany. Their intimate moments solidified their bond, leading Sebastián to choose her over the others. However, when Brittany expressed her aspirations for marriage and a shared future, Sebastián felt misunderstood and decided to end the relationship at the season’s conclusion. This decision deeply hurt Brittany; since then, they have kept their distance from each other’s lives.

Brittany thrives in Miami, Florida, sharing glimpses of her life on social media. As a digital creator, she focuses on travel, wellness, and fashion, with a significant following of over 85k on Instagram and a strong presence on TikTok. She collaborates with Amazon and brands like Fashion Nova, Simply Kinis, Tom Ford, and Sorelle UK to promote products she endorses. Working as a VIP concierge lets her enjoy exotic vacations to destinations such as Mykonos, Brazil, and Tahoe.

Sebastian remains dedicated to his role as the goalkeeper for the Spanish Primera Federación club, San Fernando CD. He focuses on physical fitness and training during the season, leaving little time for other pursuits. However, in the off-season, Sebastian enjoys relaxing near the water, whether on vacation to destinations like Formentera or Ibiza or enjoying the luxurious beaches of Spain. He also values spending time with his family, including his parents, Andres and Maria Fassi, and his brothers, Andrés and Franco Fassi.

Lloyd and Ariana are No Longer Together

Being in a relationship with one of the most sought-after men on the show wasn’t easy for Ariana Welch. She patiently waited for Lloyd Jones to decide, enduring the uncertainty as he went on dates with other contestants. Even after meeting families, Lloyd remained undecided between Ariana and another contestant, Jacklyn Romano. When he finally chose Ariana and invited her to London, she quickly realized the challenges of being with someone so in demand during the season. Despite giving their relationship a chance, Ariana and Lloyd ultimately couldn’t make it work, and they are no longer romantically together.

Ariana resides in Austin, Texas, as a high school teacher. She maintains a relatively private presence on social media, with limited posts. Apart from glimpses of her trips to places like Park City and LaVell Edwards Stadium in Utah, she primarily shares moments with her two beloved dogs. Ariana treasures the friendships she formed on the show, especially with the female contestants, cherishing the memories they created together.

Lloyd plays as a defender for Charlton Athletic F.C., a role that remains the primary focus of his life. Recognizing his potential, he is dedicated to becoming the best player he can be, a commitment reflected in his accolade as Player of the Year for Cambridge United in the 2022-2023 season. Even during the off-season, football dominates his thoughts. Lloyd cherishes his time with friends and family whenever he can. Currently, the ‘Love Undercover’ promotions are also on his agenda.

Jamie and Renee Are Not in a Relationship Anymore

Jamie O’Hara and Renee Ash seemed destined to be together from the start. Although it wasn’t love at first sight, once they began talking, they were inseparable. They were open about their past relationships and how those experiences shaped their expectations for the present, allowing them to show vulnerability to each other. When Jamie invited Renee to Kent, Canterbury, she was overwhelmed by the significance of the place to him. At the end of the season, Jamie asked her to move in with him, and she accepted. However, the relationship quickly deteriorated. Renee mentioned that there was some dishonesty on Jamie’s part, which broke her heart. She hopes for a reunion episode where she can explain things further.

Renee identifies as a public figure who has created an impressive profile in the digital space, including Instagram and YouTube. Her platform covers fashion, travel, and lifestyle, and she has collaborated with brands like Mew Mews, Fake Fragrances, and Beautiisoles by Robyn Shreiber. Occasionally, she also takes up modeling gigs, like the one she did with CKM. Renee has been accustomed to public attention due to her high-profile breakup with Monty Lopez and is seen as a woman who has risen from the ashes. She has been interviewed on podcasts by Jeremy Carr and featured in Ossidiana Magazine, where she discussed her life experiences and laid emphasis on important social issues like mental health and female empowerment.

After a highly successful football career with stints at Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers, Jamie O’Hara remains actively involved in the sport as a presenter. He currently works for Talk Sports and Sky Sports. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for Golf Clubs 4 Cash, a sporting goods shop that facilitates buying, selling, and trading new and old golf equipment, and for Grosvenor Sport, a sports betting and discussion platform. A father to three boys, Jamie manages a busy schedule with professional and personal commitments.

Ryan and Sofia Q Could Not Make It Work

Ryan Babel and Sofia Quinteros took some time to get to know each other, but Sofia first recognized their palpable connection and decided to pursue it. They spent significant time together in the penthouse, growing closer. When it was time for Ryan to choose, he asked Sofia to come to Turkey with him. By then, Sofia had started harboring doubts about the relationship, uneasy about Ryan’s ability to lie for the game’s sake. She confronted him when she heard rumors that Ryan had told his friends he didn’t see the relationship moving forward. He replied honestly, and they decided to pursue the relationship. However, the long distance and time difference made it difficult for them to continue, leading to their eventual breakup.

Sofia currently works at a nightclub, but her passions lie in travel and food. Whether cooking at home or dining at some of the most exquisite places in Miami, Florida and beyond, she knows how to enjoy her meals and capture them aesthetically through her camera. She has shared her dining experiences at Toca Madera in Las Vegas and DND in Miami, showcasing her keen eye for detail. Committed to physical fitness, Sofia is often spotted at the gym, maintaining her stylish presence just as she did during the season.

Ryan Babel has his fingers in many pies. He is actively involved in football, playing for Eyüpspor in the Turkish TFF First League, but he is also an entrepreneur with interests in various fields. His real estate ventures span Amsterdam, Liverpool, and Miami. A music enthusiast, he founded Underrated Music Group in 2016 and has produced rap albums and songs like ‘Reminder’ and ‘Young Champ.’ Additionally, he established RBtheBrand, focusing on personal branding, and serves as the European Region Ambassador for Sports Legacy.

Marco and Abby are Just Friends

Marco Fabian and Abby Kowal had a chance to connect in the penthouse. They spent hours getting to know each other, but it was when Abby saw Marco donating thousands of euros to a veterinarian clinic that she realized there was something special about him. The two traveled together to Mexico, where Abby witnessed people’s admiration for Marco firsthand. Despite their deepening friendship, Abby admitted there was no romantic spark between them. She expressed this to Marco, who revealed he had started dating Alexa. Abby was genuinely happy for him and wished him well.

Abby has always been closely associated with sports, having worked as a presenter for various news channels like ESPN. She thrives in outdoor activities and enjoys ice skating and trekking. Among the sports she follows, she has a particular passion for golf and is also an avid fan of F1 races. Abby is equally enthusiastic in the gym and is working to establish a presence on digital platforms. Her efforts in this direction are evident from her collaborations with brands like iRangeSports and Levelwear.

Marco is a legendary footballer whose name still echoes on the field. He has been instrumental in significant philanthropic work, which is evident from his involvement with the Guadalajara Football Academy and S.A.T, where he supports young players psychologically and in their games. His enthusiasm for the sport remains strong as he plays for the Empire Strykers in the Major Arena Soccer League during the 2023-2024 season. Thriving in his stardom, he has 1 million followers on Instagram alone and uses the platform to give a peek into the BTS of a star’s life.

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