Lucas Higdon: Where is My 600-lb Life Contestant Now?

The TLC series ‘My 600-lb Life’ features the motivational testimonies of severely obese individuals who attempt to change their lives. Since they generally weigh around 600 pounds, to reduce that extra weight, they must endure a challenging procedure of stringent diets and exercises. The well-known bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also referred to as Dr. Now, aids in the process by creating individualized treatment regimens for each patient and helping them prepare for weight-loss surgery.

The reality show has featured several patients and their problems and victories since its launch in 2012. Due to the complexity of the process, some people move through it more readily, while others face a far more challenging journey. One inspiring cast member, who had an incredibly positive journey, was Lucas Higdon from season 10 episode 9. Because of his memorable journey, fans are still curious to know where he is now. If you’re eager to know about him, too, here’s what we found out!

Lucas Higdon’s My 600-lb Life Journey

When Lucas Higdon first made an appearance in the show in season 10 in December 2021, he was a 33-year-old from Conroe, Texas, weighing around 619 pounds. He acknowledged that, due to his enormous size, he “lives in despair,” adding that he was in a terrible situation. Lucas detested being dependent on everyone around him. He lived with his family on their compound and had to move far away to even get a proper shower according to his size. Lucas said he lost his job as a pizza delivery driver after getting addicted to video games because of depression and all that because he couldn’t stop eating.

Lucas said he grew up in a chaotic home where he frequently felt abandoned and unloved and became hooked. He described how his childhood overeating was a coping mechanism for his unconventional home life, which included his parents’ multiple marriages and divorces. Despite the fact that Lucas was actually hyperactive, his incessant snacking and second helpings caused him to gain weight. He quickly exceeded the 160-pound threshold before the age of 10, and his weight only continued to rise over the years, making him more sad and addicted.

However, Lucas recognized the issue and tried to lose weight while training under his coaches and playing football in high school. Sadly, he soon slipped out of that routine just after graduation. Although he did get into college, Lucas was later asked to drop out, which is when he had taken the job of a pizza delivery driver. After losing that, he made an effort to assist around the house and earned money by babysitting and home-schooling his niece and nephew. But he did want more from life as he aimed to travel, finish his education, and get a job in Information Technology (IT).

Thus, Lucas made his way to Dr. Now and toughed himself up to follow the strict diet and exercise plan under the reputed doctor. Lucas was given a 1200-calorie, high-protein, low-carb diet, exercises, and intermittent fasting, and as great support, his sister and mother offered to do it along with him. Although he struggled at the beginning, he did a great job maintaining the regimen and quickly improved to lose 29 pounds in just a month. After a few similar goals every month, he was approved for gastric bypass surgery after losing a total of 80 pounds.

Lucas Higdon is Leading a Healthier Life Today

Lucas Higdon’s inspiring journey, with the mixture of a strict diet, exercising with a personal trainer, and his successful surgery, was a huge triumph. It helped him lose 218 pounds by the end of his episode, as he weighed 401 pounds. The enormous support from his family, especially his sister, also played a huge role in this successful journey. In addition, he recovered pretty quickly before going back to the gym for some additional intense workouts and walking half a mile without breaks, which is progress from his previous stance.

Lucas could now, thus, also drive his own car and reached a point in his life where he could once more find employment outside the home. He has also been focusing on his mental health, as it is important to live a physically healthy and consistent life. He regularly goes to therapy and addresses his depression, even on his social media platform. He then swiftly began working towards his goal of working in the IT sector and took a job fixing computers at a local business.

Moreover, to take a step further towards the goal, Lucas took up and completed an IT certification course on Google Coursera in January 2022. He updated his followers about his latest dive into studying Cyber Security for his dream job. Lucas later shifted to another job and remains busy hustling hard to reach his goals. Although it is still unclear if he underwent the excess skin surgery, Lucas looks much healthier and happier. We only wish for numerous more accolades and successes in his future.

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