Lucky Hank Episode 5 Recap: The Clock

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The fifth episode of AMC’s drama series ‘Lucky Hank,’ titled ‘The Clock,’ centers around conflicts that arise between William Henry “Hank” Devereaux, Jr. and his wife Lily Devereaux. The husband and wife host the professors of Railton College’s English department for a party, only for them to know about Lily’s interview at Arlyle School, New York City. Hank’s colleagues encourage her to open a new chapter of the couple’s life in the Big Apple, only for the former to raise his voice against it. The engrossing episode ends with unanswered questions concerning the future of both Hank and Lily. If you are intrigued about the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lucky Hank Episode 5 Recap

‘The Clock’ begins with Hank and Lily preparing for a party at their house for the professors of the English department. As the preparations continue, Lily receives a call from Tom, who lets her know that she got the job she interviewed for at Arlyle School. He asks her to make the necessary plans to move to New York City. Lily tells Hank about the same, who replies to her that she should use the job as leverage at her current school without being aware that his wife would love to accept the job in NYC. Meanwhile, the professors of Hank’s department arrive at the house.

Image Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/AMC

Hank asks a couple of them to help him move his father William Henry Devereaux’s giant clock to the house. When they dismiss the ask for help, Hank calls his friend Tony Conigula to move the same. June Washington-Chen asks Lily about the Arlyle interview, only for the latter to reveal that she got the job. June spreads the word, only for the same to reach Paul Rourke’s ears. Paul offers Hank and Lily a good price for their home, which he has been fancying for years. When Hank says that they aren’t moving to NYC, Lily makes it clear that she hasn’t decided yet.

Hank reads a message Tom sent Lily about him kissing her when she was in NYC for the interview. Lily then explains the predicament to her husband, who gets convinced that there isn’t anything to worry about. Tony flirts with June, only for her and her husband Teddy Washington-Chen to tell him that they will consider him for a sexual encounter since they are in an open marriage. Gracie DuBois becomes ecstatic when one of her poems gets accepted by The Atlantic for publication. The dinner goes wrong when Hank tries to stop Lily from accepting the Arlyle job, only for her to fight back saying she is seriously considering taking the same.

Lucky Hank Episode 5 Ending: Will Lily Join Arlyle? Will She Move to New York City?

Although Lily initially considers the Arlyle job as leverage to gain control in her current workplace, she starts to dream of joining the institution after getting the job. Arlyle is the place where she can grow as a teacher and school administrator. The funds and resources the New York City institution has will help her fulfill her ambitions and aspirations. The school presents itself as a place where she will be excited, which ultimately changes her mind to consider accepting the job. After receiving such an opportunity, Lily may not want to return to her current workplace. where she is forced to clean the urine of a student in the hall.

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In addition, Lily needs happiness and excitement in her life. She has been leading an uneventful life with Hank, who has little to no enthusiasm about any matter, in Railton, a place where nothing really happens. NYC gives Lily a chance to come out of the boredom of Railton to enjoy life as she did back when she was a student in the city. Since her long-time friends Tom and Ashley are also in NYC, Lily may want to move to the city, even if Hank continues to oppose the move. While having dinner with his colleagues, Lily reminds Hank that there is only a bit of happiness left in him. She may not want to feel suffocated in a house where there’s no happiness.

After Lily and Hank’s fight, the latter tells the former that he is alright with her joining Arlyle and moving to NYC. Lily may consider the same as the final word on the matter and accept the job.

Will Hank Move to New York City or Break Up with Lily?

When Hank’s colleagues find out that Lily got a job at Arlyle, they start to wonder whether their department head will be moving to New York City. Hank, however, makes it clear that he will not leave Railton even though he hates the place. Hank is not in a position to start an adventure in a city like NYC. As an unsuccessful writer and unremarkable professor, it is unlikely that he will find a job in a reputed institution in NYC. He may also not want to find a job using the name of his renowned and respected father, who is nothing short of a godly figure in the academic circles of the city.

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Hank must have decided against moving to NYC so that he wouldn’t get painfully identified in the name of his father. Since Lily has made it clear that she would like to join Arlyle, the couple’s togetherness is threatened. The professor even thinks that Lily wants to move to NYC just to leave him, the same way his father abandoned him when he was a boy. After getting abandoned by his father and recently his mother Laurel, who chooses her ex-husband over her son, Hank may not want to break up with the only person he shares a strong attachment with.

After his fight with Lily, Hank proposes a long-distance relationship with her so that he can decide against moving to NYC without breaking up with his wife. Lily is expected to accept the arrangement to save their togetherness and her ambitions at the same time.

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