Lucky Hank Episode 7 Recap: The Count of Monte Cristo

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The seventh episode of AMC’s drama series ‘Lucky Hank,’ titled ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ follows Lily Devereaux’s departure for New York City after accepting the position at the Arlyle School. William Henry “Hank” Devereaux, Jr. tries his best to deal with his wife’s absence by cooping up inside his house, only to get “disturbed” by his daughter Julie Devereaux. Julie is looking for her husband Russell, who has been missing for a while. Lily meets a realtor to find an apartment in NYC while Hank starts looking for his son-in-law. The intriguing episode ends with astounding revelations and here are our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lucky Hank Episode 7 Recap

‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ begins with Lily leaving for New York City to join her new workplace. Although Hank initially is happy for her, he starts to resent her absence in the house. Julie visits and asks him about Russell, who has gone missing since the previous day. Hank’s father William Henry Devereaux sets out to go to town to buy a toothbrush. Laurel doesn’t let him drive on his own, which makes him walk to the place. Hank sees his father walking while he is going to Railton College. He asks Henry to get into the car and takes him to his office.

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Lily calls Hank to talk about meeting a realtor to find an apartment for her to stay. The realtor shows her an apartment but she doesn’t choose the same since it is small for Hank and Julie to stay while they visit. The realtor asks her to envision her perfect day, only for Lily to realize that her husband and daughter are not present in the same. While she is at a bar, a man pretends to be her husband while the husband of his lover walks into the place. Lily tells him that she needs a divorce from him since she has been growing as a person while he hasn’t even tried to do the same, which can be what she wants to tell Hank.

The professors of the English department are worried about losing their jobs since their union rep doesn’t greenlight a strike. Paul Rourke questions Hank’s silence about the matter, only for the latter to dismiss the same. Dean Rose decides to separate from his wife to get together with Gracie DuBois. Gracie, after getting published, has doubts about getting into a relationship while she is “rising.” Julie asks Hank what she should do about Russell’s disappearance. When Hank tries to keep his head out of the affair, Julie tells him that there is no wonder Lily is leaving him. He calls Meg Quigley and asks her about Russell, who is working at the same bar. She lies about Russell not being at the bar while he stands next to her.

Lucky Hank Episode 7 Ending: Will Julie and Russell Break Up?

While talking to Meg about Russell, Hank notices resentment in his friend’s voice. He learns from Billy that Meg knows about him cutting her classes, which leads him to her house to clear the air between them. Hank notices Russell’s truck parked nearby and he enters the house, only to see his son-in-law in Meg’s bed naked. He lets Julie knows that Russell has been cheating on her. Although she tries to convince herself that it is impossible, Julie eventually seemingly realizes that her father is telling the truth. Since Russell hasn’t even met her to explain his side, the chances of them separating are high.

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As far as Russell is concerned, he needs a partner who can appreciate his ideas and innovations, regardless of their quality. Julie, however, hasn’t been that person. She criticizes his ideas when she doesn’t feel right about them, which offenses Russell severely since he wants a partner who thinks he is smart even if he is not. Since Meg doesn’t need to evaluate Russell’s life plans to have an affair with him, she doesn’t criticize him. Russell must be finding comfort in the same, which stops him from returning to Julie. Since he doesn’t even have the courage to be confronted by his wife, their troubled union may not last long.

The only way Julie can remain in a married relationship with Russell is by pretending to appreciate him as a smart man. After the pain he has caused her, it is unlikely that Julie will do the same. She may not forgive him for abandoning her in distress to sleep with another woman. Since their marriage life has always been troubled, she may reach the conclusion that there isn’t a way to repair the same, which may ultimately result in their breakup.

Do Hank and Henry Reconnect?

While going to Julie’s home, Henry sees a car dealership and sets out to buy a car, only for Hank to realize that his father is too broke to buy anything. He calls Laurel to talk about the same, only for him to learn that his father’s ex-partner Melanie stole his money and plagiarized his theory about James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners.’ Realizing that his father possibly has dementia and is broke, with no one else to care for and nowhere else to go, Hank seemingly tries to reconnect with Henry by talking about their past. Even though Hank hates Henry’s life choices and actions, there must be still love in him for his father.

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Hank’s desperation to find the reason behind Henry’s choice to abandon him and Laurel can be connected to his wish to love his father. The same feelings for his father can be what stops Hank from moving on from the memories and existence of Henry. However, Henry hasn’t done anything to deserve Hank’s love if the latter indeed has the same for his father. The acclaimed professor hasn’t even acknowledged the pain his son has been dealing with to make the latter feel better. Even when Hank asks Henry about his regrets in life, the latter picks criticizing Charles Dickens rather than abandoning the former, which makes it clear that they will not reconnect.

Hank may start to look after Henry because of his ill health or terrible financial condition. Having said that, Hank may do the same to fulfill an obligation rather than out of love. He may also take care of Henry for the sake of Laurel, who expects the same.

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