Lust Stories 2 Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Lust Stories 2’ is a somewhat sequel to the eponymous 2018 Indian anthology film, comprising four short film segments helmed by R. Balki, Konkona Sen Sharma, Sujoy Ghosh, and Amit Ravindernath Sharma. Artistically exploring sensitive and sensual themes like intimacy in marriage, sexual pleasure, domestic violence, and revenge, each of the four stories leaves a lasting impact on the audience and makes you ponder the intricacies of desire. Besides, the compelling cast performances bring the realistic characters to life, helping viewers relate to their situations and experiences. However, if you’re wondering whether these protagonists end their stories on a high note or end up in despair, we are here to explore the same. Let’s dig deeper, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD!

Made For Each Other: Plot Synopsis

Titled ‘Made For Each Other,’ R. Balki’s directorial follows Veda and Arjun, an urban young couple whose match has been fixed by their families. Amidst finalizing each other as life partners, Veda’s aging grandmother AKA, Dadi, gives a very unusual piece of advice to them — she instructs them to test their sexual compatibility with each other before saying yes to marriage.

Since Indian families usually consider pre-marital sex a taboo, Veda and Arjun’s parents are taken aback by Dadi’s unabashed attitude towards the same. While the latter’s son and daughter-in-law begin avoiding her, her granddaughter follows her advice and decides to test her bedroom chemistry with her to-be husband. What follows is a series of bittersweet revelations for Veda, Arjun, and their families, changing their entire perception of what makes a marriage successful.

Made For Each Other Ending, Explained: Do Veda and Arjun End Up Together?

After Dadi advises Veda to test the waters with Arjun, they both get intimate with each other. However, she later confesses to her grandmother that she wasn’t as satisfied as her fiance during the act. This prompts Dadi to emphasize the importance of female pleasure in a marriage and the need for intimacy, regardless of age or circumstance. The former then cites the example of her successful marriage and Veda’s parents’ unhappy marriage to reason with her. Despite everyone else ignoring Dadi’s words, her granddaughter takes her advice and works on finding a spark between her and her partner.

Eventually, Veda and Arjun succeed at attaining the sexual chemistry and love Dadi always speaks of, and they appear visibly happy with one another. When they tell her of the same, she happily blesses them and tells them her only intention is to make them realize that spouses must cherish and desire each other with the same zeal at every stage, even after the honeymoon phase ends, to make their marriage successful. Keeping this in mind, Arjun and Veda tie the knot and step together into marital bliss. On the other hand, even Veda’s parents realize that despite their age, they must keep the intimacy alive to stay happy together.

What is Dadi’s Mount Fuji Theory?

When Dadi tells Veda to establish her sexual compatibility with Arjun, she compares sexual pleasure to the eruption of Mount Fuji, stating that it is essential that both partners equally enjoy intimacy. Thus, she pushes her granddaughter to communicate her needs to her partner to have a content relationship for life. Eventually, Veda realizes the importance of her grandma’s words and thanks her for being so understanding despite the generation gap, playfully stating that the Mount Fuji theory actually came true in her and Arjun’s case.

The Mirror: Plot Synopsis

The second short film, directed by Konkona Sen Sharma, is called ‘The Mirror’ and revolves around Ishita, a middle-aged single woman who has achieved immense success in her career. One day, she accidentally comes home in the afternoon and stumbles upon her maid, Seema, having sex with her husband in her bed. Initially, Ishita is repulsed by Seema’s audacity, but to her shock, she seems to derive pleasure from seeing the couple get intimate. Consequently, she makes it a secret habit to arrive home each day when her maid has her husband over.

Through a mirror reflection, Ishita excitedly watches Seema and her spouse engage in passionate sex regularly and begins pleasuring herself from her curiosity. However, things take an interesting turn when the latter realizes her employer’s sexual fantasy and decides to continue being intimate with her husband despite being watched. Yet, one unplanned confrontation leads to disastrous consequences, making both Seema and Ishita re-evaluate their sexuality and relationships with themselves.

The Mirror Ending, Explained: Do Ishita and Seema Reconcile?

When Ishita accidentally alerts Seema and her husband of her presence, both women have a heated war of words. While Ishita calls her house help shameless for indulging in such behavior behind her back, the latter accuses her of being perverse to derive pleasure from watching others engage in sex. After a long argument, a guilty Ishita fires Seema, not knowing that their scuffle has caused quite an uproar in the apartment complex. Days pass, and both women move on with their lives, yet they unexplainedly feel incomplete without their taboo arrangement.

In fact, when Seema’s husband confronts her about not telling him that Ishita was witnessing them, she confesses that she gets strange pleasure from the latter, watching them indulge in sexual acts. One fine day, both women bump into each other while buying groceries and end up apologizing to each other for their previously irrational behavior. Not just that, they subtly indicate that they surprisingly miss each other’s bizarre presence in their intimate moments. Unexpectedly, Ishita requests Seema to return to work, and the latter agrees.

Are Ishita and Seema Lesbians?

While one may easily believe that Ishita and Seema may be sexually attracted to each other, they are simply seeking excitement in their mundane lives. Ishita secretly suffers from severe loneliness and craves some intimacy in life, so she feels aroused when she witnesses Seema and her husband’s passionate encounters. On the other hand, Seema is curious about her employer’s peculiar interest in her sex life, so she allows Ishita to hide and watch them. Though it is not directly implied that both ladies are lesbians, they have an intrigue for one another and an understanding of the other’s needs, which others may not value.

Sex With Ex: Plot Synopsis

Sujoy Ghosh directs ‘Sex With Ex,’ the third segment of ‘Lust Stories 2,’ which opens with Vijay, a successful businessman, driving to an important meeting. Amid pestering calls from his wife and her father, he receives a steamy video call from his mistress, resulting in him getting distracted and swerving the car right into a tree. Soon, Vijay takes help from the cyclist he almost hit and arrives in a mysterious village called Parasiol, where he hires a mechanic to fix his car. In the meantime, he explores around and bumps into Shanti, his ex-wife who reportedly went missing years ago.

Despite Shanti’s initial hesitation to interact, she soon invites Vijay home, and the two reminisce about what went wrong in their past. Simultaneously, she keeps warning him to leave before it’s too late, yet he does not heed her words. As a wave of nostalgia hits Vijay and Shanti, they get carried away in their feelings, but something seems off about the entire situation. Eventually, the lines between reality and imagination get blurred, forcing them to face the demons of the past.

Sex With Ex Ending, Explained: Is Vijay Dead or Alive?

When Shanti tells Vijay that his present wife, Anu, made an attempt on her life and forced her to leave, he insists that he will make everything alright and avenge her. After the estranged pair is washed over by emotion and engages in passionate lovemaking, Vijay shockingly reveals that it was he who tried to kill Shanti all those years ago for monetary gains and that she must die now so that his future remains secure. Hence, he smothers her to death with a pillow but escapes the house when the local policeman arrives.

As Vijay runs to the site where his car had the accident,  a mindblowing shock awaits him — the passersby are pulling his dead body out of the mangled vehicle. Confused about what just happened, he suddenly sees Shanti again, who tells him that he should have left earlier when she asked him to, as now there’s no escape from where he is stuck. This indicates that after the accident, Vijay gets stuck between life and death, where he is forced to confront his past sins and chooses to repeat them. Thus, the place he is stuck with Shanti is actually the afterlife, and he is finally dead in the mortal world.

Is Shanti A Ghost?

Shanti has a seemingly haunting presence, and there are several unexplainable things around her, including her mysterious disappearance all those years back. Still, one cannot say she’s a ghost, but rather a haunting part of Vijay’s subconscious, who taunts him for his evil deeds and curses him to be stuck in eternity with her after what he did to her. In reality, Shanti died all those years back but now appears in Vijay’s vision like an undertaker forcing him to answer for his wrongdoings as he swings between life and death and then crosses over to the other side.

Tilchatta: Plot Synopsis

Lastly, Amit Ravindernath Sharma’s ‘Tilchatta (AKA Cockroach)’ centers around Devyani, trapped in a highly abusive marriage with her wealthy landlord husband, Suraj Singh. Not only does he mistreat his wife, but he also blatantly misuses his power and even sexually assaults the house help. Meanwhile, Devyani bears all of Suraj’s atrocities so that her son, Ankur, can have a better life. Yet, unbeknownst to her, the young boy is highly disturbed by his father’s cruelty and his mother’s helplessness. However, when a young house help named Rekha arrives at their home, things take a drastically sinister turn, forcing Devyani to take matters into her own hands.

Tilchatta Ending, Explained: Who is Rekha?

While Rekha’s unassuming and flirtatious nature entices Suraj Singh to go after her since the day she arrives at the house, little does he know that he is actually walking into an elaborate trap set by his vengeful wife. Initially, one is made to believe that Devyani is unaware of her husband’s treacherous eyes set on Rekha, yet later it is revealed that she is one of the young prostitutes from the brothel the former previously lived at. Due to the cruelty and carelessness of a client, Rekha ends up contracting HIV AIDS, so Devyani decides to hire her as a maid and seemingly instructs her to seduce Suraj in retaliation for his vileness so that he, too, gets infected.

Does Suraj Singh Die?

In a cruel twist of fate, Devyani’s grand plan for revenge against her husband flops, and instead, she pushes her dear son toward death. While Rekha is supposed to seduce Suraj Singh, she gets intimate with Ankur, which devastates his mother. Devyani realizes that the painful end she wanted for her husband would now actually fall upon her child, as he would imminently contract HIV Aids from Rekha. In the meantime, Suraj Singh is blissfully unaware of his wife’s plans and ends up living unharmed, whereas his son faces the repercussions of his cruelty.

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