Lynn Williams and Marley Biyendolo Plan to Tie The Knot Soon

Image Credit: Marley Biyendolo/Instagram

If there’s one thing nobody can refute, it’s that athlete Lynn Williams and television personality Marley Biyendolo are kind of the epitome of a public couple despite not always being in the limelight. This much has actually even been pithily explored in Netflix’s ‘Under Pressure: The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team’ with the way they unconditionally support one another at every turn of life. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about them — with a specific focus on their early days, their years-long connection, as well as their current standing — we’ve got the details for you.

Lynn Williams and Marley Biyendolo Journey

It was ostensibly back when California-born Lynn was attending Pepperdine University that she first came across Melbourne-born Marley, only for them to soon become seriously involved. The truth is they truly understood each other’s innate needs and priorities at the time despite any cultural differences because she was an aspiring soccer pro while he was a basketball player. In fact, they meshed so well together from the get-go that they were even able to balance things out once they both went on to play competitive professional ball in their respective homelands.

Marley may have obtained his psychology degree a few years after Lynn’s 2014 graduation, yet he never held her back in any way, shape, or form — and neither did she when it was his time to shine. In fact, she wholeheartedly supported him as he tried his hand in NBL1 Australia before evolving into a commentator, and then continued standing by his side as he went on to do reality television. This duo was not always in the same hemisphere, let alone nation but what never wavered was their care, respect, as well as love for one another, helping them make everything work.

There was a period around 2019-2020 when Lynn and Marley didn’t see one another for over 12 months, as indicated during his time in ‘Big Brother Australia 13,’ yet even then, nothing wobbled. In other words, their feelings and loyalty remained the same, enabling them to get through any difficulty or opportunity together — as she went from North Carolina Courage to Kansas City Current to Gotham FC in the National Women’s Soccer League, he traversed winning a reality show and having stints on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Australia, plus ‘The Challenge’ before becoming a streamer.

Nevertheless, it appears as if by the time 2023 rolled around, Marley had realized the significance of his partner Lynn’s career and essentially relocated to New York to make things a little easier. Then came May 16, when he happily got down on one knee for her, followed by June 22, when she got included in the U.S. national team roster for the FIFA 2023 World Cup as well as the Summer Olympics 2024. And, of course, he was right by her side for all of this too — in fact, after their early crash from the renowned FIFA tournament, he penned a lengthy post just to make it clear he was still proud of her.

Marley penned, in part, “wow, what a moment in your career, hey? In your life actually. Wow. You’re an inspiration to sooo many, the lives you have touched in your journey thus far is, immeasurable… I never seem to be able to find the word to describe just how proud I am of you, or to even just express how incredible you truly are, but it will come to me one day. What YOU have sacrificed to be here mentally, emotionally, and let’s not even start on what you’ve overcome physically is, just inspiring. Inspiring is who YOU are, and it’s what you’ve continued to do on this world stage your whole career. With always, a smile on your face… Thank you, for being you 🤟🏽🤍.”

Lynn Williams and Marley Biyendolo Are Still Together

Yes, from what we can tell through their respective online social media platforms as of writing, not only are Lynn and Marley still blissfully together, but they also appear stronger than ever before. The secret to their success is apparently active efforts, open communication, and unwavering understanding, all the while making time for one another no matter how hectic their schedules are. There’s a reason their wedding date is set all the way for December 8, 2024, in Malibu, California — they genuinely want to enjoy every bit of it without worrying about work or practice or a match, especially since they then plan on heading down under for an Australian wedding before enjoying some time to settle down for good.

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