Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: The Compass Pointed to the Darkness

In the first episode of ‘Made in Abyss‘ season 2 or ‘Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun’ titled ‘The Compass Pointed to the Darkness’ follow Eluko, a timid young girl who is trying to reach the Golden city along with the suicide corps Ganja. The search for the mysterious city leads the group to an island in an impassable sea, where they meet the native people.

Eluko Embarks on a Long Journey

Eluko is a young girl who has no family and was taken in by a man who turned out to be horrible. She often recalls the story that he used to tell her. While at sea, he encountered a ship that was littered with bodies of burnt dead sailors even though there was no sign of fire. As the group of curious men looked around, they found only one survivor who was too scared to speak. The man who took in Eluko later found a mysterious-looking compass with the survivor.

On being questioned, he said that it was a co-compass, and there was a place where it would stand straight up. Before dying, he also revealed that the Golden city exists in reality and it stretches to the bottom of the world. Eluko has been haunted by all those memories of the past until now and just wants to find a place where the voices of days gone by will leave her alone. It turns out that she is now with the suicide corps Ganja, who have been abandoned by their own people and are currently looking for the Golden City.

Eluko is greeted by leader Wazukyan after she vomits in the ocean and is trying to regain her composure. They begin talking about mundane things, and the latter mentions that they still have enough food to keep them going for another month. He even reveals that she is a part of the three sages of Ganja. As he leaves, a young boy named Belaf echoes his words and even argues that Wazukyan had predicted everything even before they met her.

Sometime later, their ship gets caught up in a storm, but they suddenly find themselves approaching an island. As Eluko shows that the co-compass is almost standing straight up, Wazukyan is convinced that they are near the Golden city. As they begin to explore the island, they are greeted by the natives who speak another language. Eluko and others find out that the people who arrived there before them betrayed the natives.

Therefore, an elderly man can provide crucial information for Eluko’s co-compass in return. She is more than happy to sacrifice a little for the group and hands over the precious-looking tool to him. A small girl has witnessed the exchange, and when Eluko and her people leave, she joins them. All of them eventually end up finding the Sixth Layer, whom the natives refer to as the Capital of the Unreturned.

Do Riko, Reg, and Nanachi Make it to the Sixth Layer of the Abyss?

After the sacrifice of Prushka, Riko, Meg, and Nanachi luckily find themselves in a pod-like object where they feel safe. When Riko and Meg continue to talk about Bondrewd, Nanachi argues that his words were full of poison, and they should instead focus on the present instead of looking back all the time. Suddenly the pod-like object starts descending, and Riko argues that it happened just when she rubbed Prushka.

Nanachi warns Riko to be careful as she can accidentally make the pod move upwards if she makes a wrong gesture. After they have traveled for a while, the trio is shocked to see the pod surrounded by corpses and bones. They realize that they are probably in the Sea of the Corpses. According to some myths, the soul of the dead people has already reached the bottom of the netherworld while their body is left behind. Riko, Meg, and Nanachi continue to descend and ultimately make it to the sixth layer.

Why is the Sixth Layer Called the Capital of the Unreturned?

The Abyss has enthralled countless adventurers to explore the unknown world in the depths of the earth over the centuries. While the amateur divers are only allowed to stay in the upper layers, the experts descend into the farthest reaches courageously. The sixth layer of the Abyss is referred to by the natives as the Capital of the Unreturned or the Shourou Layer.

When the White Whistle decide to go there, it is often called their last dive because returning for the sixth layer is physically impossible. The ascent proves to be too demanding, which the fragile bodies of the divers cannot withstand. Therefore, over time the sixth layer came to be known as the Capital of the Unreturned.

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