MAFS’ Alexis and Justin: Everything We Know

Married at First Sight‘ brings those hopeful for marriage but with no prospects in sight and tries to pair them up with a hopefully perfect match. The experts on the show match the participants with those they feel might be the right fit. The two strangers get married on the day they meet and try to build a life after the ceremony.

Season 15 of the show brought five new couples to be a part of the experiment. Fans were curious to know more about the new appearances and their life. One of the pairs that caught the public eye was Alexis and Justin. Viewers cannot help but wonder about their life before the reality show, and here’s everything we know about the same.

Everything We Know About Alexis

Born in New Jersey in 1933, Alexis had been proposed to three times before her appearance on the show. At the age of 29, the Logistic Specialist entered ‘Married at First Sight’ looking for someone tall and athletic. Alexis herself has played semi-pro football in the past. Tired of the frustrating cycle of dating, she decided to give the show a try, despite never having seen the reality show before. Her friends were supportive of the idea though she did jokingly admit that it might be because they were used to her impulsive and crazy ideas.

However, Alexis’ mother might not have been fully on board with the idea of an impulsive marriage to a stranger. “I had to make my mom come on board cause I’m her baby, but everyone ended up being supportive in the end,” the reality star shared with Entertainment Tonight. Alexis appreciated the professional insight regarding her personality and who might suit her. Not only that, but the woman was aware that she might have to make compromises to make the marriage work.

Described as “authentic” and “self-aware” by the Lifetime network, Alexis’ reaction to seeing her to-be-husband at the end of the altar was interesting, to say the least. “Walking down the aisle to see my husband, I was like, ‘He looks very familiar.’ That’s all I’ll say,” she said. The reality star also warned people to take care of their feelings but not be too cautious as to stop themselves from enjoying new experiences and opportunities.

Everything We Know About Justin

Raised by a single mother, 33-year-old Justin, born sometime in 1989, entered ‘Married at First Sight’ to find a stable and secure relationship. The Digital Marketing Specialist from Mobile, Alabama, considers himself an optimist, which might have led to his appearance on the reality series. Despite having never heard of the show before, Justin decided to come on the show to find a wife for himself. Notably, Justin had been engaged once before the show but called off the wedding a month before the ceremony.

Those closest to the hopeful groom had a mixed reaction to his decision. “My friends actually encouraged it,” Justin explained. “In fact, they were fans of the show… I sort of told my mother at the end… when I told her I was getting married in two weeks, she says, ‘Boy, [are] you crazy?'” However, Justin thought that conventional dating was not the solution for him and opted to be a part of the experiment.

Apparently, the whole experiment was a journey of self-discovery for Justin. He learned a lot about himself and how much he needs to work on himself. His main aim in the show was to be the best partner for his wife. A task that might have been made easier given the appreciation he showcased regarding his stranger turned wife. “I was blown away,” Justin described his feelings when he first saw Alexis at the end of the altar. “But when she opened her mouth [is] when she really got me. [She has a good] personality and [is] good looking, best of both worlds right there.”

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