MAFS’ Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency: Everything We Know

As a reality dating series that breaks all bounds of conventionality with its novel premise, Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight‘ has been one of the most popular productions since its premiere back in 2014. After all, it examines the constant efforts required to make a relationship work by following the journey of those who walk down the aisle and marry a complete stranger. They do so in the hopes of finding their forever love after placing their entire trust in a set of renowned relationship experts to play matchup.

In simple words, the set-up pairs meet at the altar for the first time, where they tie the knot before going on an actual honeymoon to get to know one another better. They then live together like an ordinary married couple for a brief while. Only after that do most of them decide whether they wish to spend the rest of their lives with their partners or not. One such duo introduced to us in season 14 is Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency. So, let’s find out exactly who they are and what they do, shall we?

Everything We Know About Jasmina

Jasmina Outar has been passionate about teaching and children for as long as she can remember. That is why she dove headfirst into being an Early Childhood Educator as soon as possible. The 29-year-old Boston native seems to love her profession because she gets to help the local youth grow with each passing day, making it clear that she’s empathetic, patient, and strong — qualities essential in every aspect of life. The difference between right and wrong is what Jasmina values the most, and it flows into her personal life as well.

That’s why infidelity, in particular, bothers Jasmina a lot, especially as she has not only witnessed it within her family and seen how it can tear things apart but also because she’s gone through it herself. Thankfully, though, understanding that it left a mark on who she is, she worked through her trauma before getting ready to jump into a genuine relationship. Jasmina only wants someone dependable and someone as willing to settle down as she is, leading the experts to pick none other than Michael Morency for her.

Everything We Know About Michael

Michael Morency is a 28-year-old Certified Personal Trainer who is slowly yet surely rising the ranks in the industry. The fitness buff from Boston seems incredibly ambitious with his goal of spreading overall wellness. Yet, the truth is that we don’t know much else about him, owing to the fact that his social media accounts, both personal and professional, are set on private as of writing. However, he claims to be available for training inquiries via direct messages, which only reiterates his devotion to his work. It appears as if both he and Jasmina genuinely cherish their respective occupations.

As for the romantic connections, Michael did not have much success in the area despite trying out all the dating apps available. Therefore, taking into consideration his desires and personality, his sister encouraged him to apply for ‘Married at First Sight.’ After all, he wants a wife who is his perfect match as well as his equal. Moreover, he wants to start a family one day relatively soon. Michael couldn’t make it happen on his own, so he handed the reins to the relationship experts, which led him to Jasmina.

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