MAFS Season 16: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

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Following the lives of ten individuals based in Nashville, the sixteenth installment of ‘Married at First Sight’ follows the quest for forevermore. With Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson acting as the ultimate matchmakers, ten strangers are paired and married off within seconds of meeting each other. Like its predecessors, season 16 of ‘Married at First Sight’ had its fair share of drama. So, if you’re also wondering what the contestants are doing these days and whether the pairings made on the reality television show are still together, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Nicole Lilienthal and Christopher Thielk Are Still Going Strong

On a journey to find true love and a partner who’d trust in you, Nicole Lilienthal and Christopher Thielk entered the show with high hopes. While Nicole had been let down by her parents’ refusal to be her matchmaker, Christopher had failed to find any partners interested in long-term relationships. As fate would have it, the two were set together on ‘Married at First Sight’ and became the only couple to walk away from the show together. However, their journey on the show wasn’t without its travails.

The duo had to undergo a number of tribulations when it came to their future living arrangements. While Christopher felt that they should sign a temporary lease and see how things go, Nicole was adamant that they should not delay, especially when they see a future with each other. However, since the duo’s Instagram is private, many fans wonder if they’re still together after the decision day episode. While Nicole’s Facebook status still reads single, the truth remains concealed.

From what we can tell, the couple is likely still together at the moment and is going strong! As for their professional careers, Nicole is currently a Senior Marketing Advisor at Compass. While Nicole is advancing in marketing, Christopher excels in his field as a Business Coach. Christopher is also a proud pet parent and cares for his dog in addition to his work and personal relationships. Nevertheless, the duo continues to climb new heights personally and professionally.

Kirsten Grimes and Shaquille Dillon Are No Longer Together

While their piety and devotional beliefs connected them deeply, they still had to overcome their interpersonal issues. From Kirsten’s steadfast refusal to kiss Shaquille on their wedding day to consistently erupting issues about compatibility, 32-year-old Kirsten and 31-year-old Shaquille finally called it off on decision day. Kirsten believed that their marriage could work and deserved another chance. However, a broken-hearted Shaquille felt that he needed to choose himself and that he could no longer be with her.

Despite the fact that Kirsten and Shaquille decided to take different paths, they are still excelling in their professional lives. Kirsten is an MBA graduate and has a flourishing career in real estate and recruiting. The Cumberland University alum has brokered several deals for Parks Real Estate, a company based in the Greater Nashville area. In addition to that, Kirsten is also a healthcare recruiter for Trustaff.

As for Shaquille, whose friends describe him as an “alpha male,” the reality star continues to have an illustrious career in education. Shaquille is the Executive Director of Enrollment Management at Wiley College. Additionally, he is also the Executive Director of Enrollment Services at Tennessee State University. On the personal front, both Kirsten and Shaquille are exploring newfound opportunities and continuing to find a partner for life.

Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb Have Broken Up

Recovering from the ghosts of her past, 36-year-old Gina Micheletti had decided to come to ‘Married at First Sight’ to seek the ideal man of her dreams. For Gina, that man translated into Clint Webb, a family man who dreamed of settling down and starting his own family with his partner. However, even with Pastor Calvin’s and Dr. Pepper’s expertise, Gina and Clint didn’t feel the spark they thought they would.

Admittedly, the two said they didn’t feel attracted to each other at all and couldn’t develop any romantic feelings for each other owing to their eventual breakup. Now, the two have parted ways and are continuing their personal journey. Gina continues to run her salon, Slay Bae and excels at hairstyling from Music City. Originally from Memphis, Gina now lives in Nashville along with her dog. Clint is also continuing his role at Salesforce as an Account Executive. He also has an adventurous spirit and even an aviation license. Nonetheless, people remain curious to see whether the duo will find the right partner.

Domynique Kloss and Mackinley Gilbert Have Separated

At 25, Domynique was signed up for season 16 of ‘Married at First Sight’ by her mother. After getting married within minutes of meeting one another, Domynique and Mackinley managed to hit it off. However, within days, the problems in their relationship became apparent. From nitpicking to disagreeing, Domynique and Mackinley broke up and decided to separate on Day 12, something that is fairly uncommon for the reality show.

Moreover, after Domynique and Clint kissed, there seemed no chance of reconciliation. Despite their separation, Domynique and Mackinley continue to support each other and wish each other the best. After the show was aired, Domynique deleted her Instagram, and like other contestants, Mackinley has a private account, leaving many curious.

As of now, Domynique, a graduate of The University of Tennessee Southern, is settling into her new job as a real estate agent. The reality star is also an aggressive deals broker and is still on the hunt for a partner. On the other hand, Mackinley Gilbert resides with his family and runs his company Maverick CBD, which specializes in cannabis operations. The 33-year-old is still on the lookout for a person he can let his guard down with.

Jasmine Secrest and Airris Williams Are Not Together Anymore

Unlike the couples who connected deeply with each other on their honeymoon, Jasmine and Airris grew apart and failed to create any fun memories on their honeymoon. Admitting that he has little interest in romance and genuine connections, Airris’ behavior made it difficult for the duo to create any intimacy or form a true connection. It is, as such, no surprise that Jasmine and Airris also divorced each other on decision day.

While the duo may have parted on decision day, they still have individual flourishing careers. A former Miss United States of America and now a reality star, Jasmine is now working as a cheerleading coach and a breeder at Royal Doodles & Poodles. As such, her remarkable portfolio gives her a number of opportunities in the future too. As for Airris, the 39-year-old software engineer switched to his dream career after switching from law enforcement and is still making great strides at HCA Healthcare in Nashville. Naturally, there remain significant opportunities for the duo in the future too.

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