MAFS’ Stacia and Nate: Everything We Know

With ‘Married at First Sight,’ people hoping to get married have their chance to find a perfect partner for themselves. The only catch in the whole situation is that they have to wed the person chosen for them by the experts on the very first day that they meet them. The social experiment has garnered a large fan following with every season. Season 15 brought Stacia and Nate as one of the prospective pairs trying luck at marriage. Admirers of the reality series want to know as much as possible about the two, and we are here to help them out.

Everything We Know About Stacia

Stacia was born in Lynwood, California, most probably in 1985. Her mother was a single young woman, so Stacia was raised by her grandmother, who showered her with love and support. Though the accountant had been ready for quite some time prior to her appearance on ‘Married at First Sight,’ she felt that her high standards and pickiness may have led to her inability to find a partner. Stacia is a self-admitted unconventional person and entered the show believing that the unique nature of the social experiment might be the best option for her. The accountant wanted to meet someone she could trust and who would be fit for her ambitious and independent nature.

Entering the experiment at the age of 37, Stacia was excited to be a part of the show. However, those closest to her were not completely convinced about the idea. Despite knowing what to expect from the show, Stacia was still quite nervous on her actual wedding day. “I have the sweats… I wanna throw up, pass out,” Stacia recalled her wedding day while talking to Entertainment Tonight. “I just wanna get this over with and meet my husband.” Fortunately enough, Nate was able to make a good first impression thanks to his looks. As the couple tried to navigate their married life, Stacia discovered her emotional side and changed several of her notions. She also learned to be more patient, allowing her to work with her husband.

Everything We Know About Nate

Raised by a single father in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nate always wanted to settle down and have a family with someone who would be a right fit. The Day Trader pinned his hopes on the experts in ‘Married at First Sight’ when he entered the show at the age of 34. According to Nate, finding a perfect partner is “intentional high-risk, high reward.” The mindset led him to trust the experts to do the job for him. He struggled with finding the perfect match for him who would understand and complement his ambitious nature. In the end, he wanted someone with whom he could build an empire.

“I signed up for MAFS because I wanted a best friend, partner, and somebody to explore the whole world with,” Nate shared with Entertainment Tonight. His enthusiasm for the social experiment was matched by those closest to him. The Day Trader’s friends and family thought that ‘Married at First Sight’ might just be the solution for him, given his risky and ambitious nature. Most of his reservations came back to haunt him as he waited at the end of the aisle to marry a stranger picked out for him.

“I’m just like, ‘What the hell did I sign up for?'” Nate explained what was going on in his head. “I’m waiting at the alter now, and I’m really hoping that Shrek doesn’t come down the aisle.” However, seeing Stacia certainly calmed his nerves. After the big day, Nate learned to step out of his comfort zone to do what might be the best for himself and his wife. Despite being surrounded by cameras, Nate felt it was best to ignore the recording and only focus on himself and his wife.

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