Maja Radanovic My 600-lb Update: Where is She Today?

Image Credit: TLC/YouTube

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life‘ tracks the weight loss journeys of clinically obese individuals who weigh at least or more than 600 pounds. Considering they lead sedentary lifestyles and rely significantly on food, they begin the inspirational journey of participating in a weight loss program in order to live better lives. The renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, often known as Dr. Now, assists them in the process. He develops strict, specifically adjusted food and exercise treatment plans for each patient to help them meet the requirements for bariatric surgery.

Since its debut in 2012, every season of the reality show features cast members with diverse personalities and experiences; some endure tough and challenging journeys while others have a plausible road to success. Such was the case with Maja Radanovic of season 7 episode 8, where she undergoes a challenging journey of self-realization and hard work. In due process, she was able to garner a number of fans, who might be wondering where she is now. If you’re curious about the same, here’s everything we found out!

Maja Radanovic’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Maja Radanovic appeared on the show as a 33-year-old resident of Portland, Oregon, who weighed around 689 pounds. It was clearly evident that she was purely dependent on her boyfriend, Christian, for all her physical and emotional needs and was only ready to begin her journey in his presence. After Maja somehow managed to shower, her boyfriend helped her even get dressed. Even her 4-hour flight to Houston and walking around the airports hurt her body, causing pain and swelling.

Maja’s eating habits were a result of her childhood sufferings arising from her parent’s divorce when she was only 2. Since her mother had to work full-time, she couldn’t pay much attention to the little girl, which is why Maja was mostly raised by her aunt and grandparents. Then, once her father remarried, he had his own family and abandoned Maja completely when she was only 8. All this while, feeling left alone and neglected, food was the only comfort for Maja. Hence, she slowly began gaining a lot of weight.

Maja’s addiction kept increasing when people around her, including her parents, began bullying her for her weight. Thus, as her self-esteem kept decreasing, Maja became around 400 pounds by the time of her high school graduation. Her eating habits further worsened when she found easy access to junk food at her workplace – a fast-food restaurant. Maja suffered another major blow when her fiancé of four years left her, learning that Maja couldn’t conceive due to her obesity. Although she later found support from Christian, it was too late for her to control her food addiction on her own.

Maja admitted that she would lie to him about going for errands and sneakily getting food from multiple fast-food take-outs. However, as she slowly realized her Lymphedema was spreading and she was having major mobility issues, she finally decided to get professional help. Maja visited Dr. Now in Houston and started following the diets and exercises, which did help her lose around 93 pounds in only two months.

Yet, when Maja and Christian later shifted to Houston while she was trying to lose another few pounds for the surgery, the latter began regretting his move from his home. Seemingly, the two started fighting a lot because Christian wasn’t happy after uprooting his life back home and felt tired of carrying out all their responsibilities. Thus, he packed up and departed, leaving Maja heartbroken and terrified of dealing with everything alone.

Where is Maja Radanovic Today?

After some time of Christian leaving, Maja Radanovic left the town as well because she had a hard time coping with everything alone. While Maja had lost a total of 102 pounds in those eight months, she promised Dr. Now that she would continue the diet even at home. With his consultations before leaving, Maja finally decided to move on from Christian and begin a new and healthy life by herself. After ending her journey at 592 pounds, she went back to live with her family and began working on her health again. According to her follow-up episode, Maja also underwent bariatric surgery later.

Maja is now a lot healthier and happier than she ever was before, and she definitely feels good about herself. She stuck to her words about maintaining the diet to her capabilities and kept losing weight slowly and steadily. Although she hasn’t shared her current numbers on the scale, she does look like she has lost quite a lot of weight. Maja even shared some before and after pictures to give her followers an idea about her transformation thus far. Admitting that she failed multiple times while continuing the journey, Maja emphasized that she keeps trying with the constant thought that she cannot give up.

In a now-deleted post, Maja also clarified her relationship status and said that she was no longer with Christian and is, in fact, dating someone else. According to her social media updates, she is still with her new “special someone” but has not revealed the identity of the person as of writing. Maja is a nail art enthusiast who frequently posts pretty nail art that she gets done. On the professional front, she currently works as a dispatcher. Thus, we wish that she continues this journey towards a healthy lifestyle in a positive manner.


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