Who is Marc Slater on HBO’s Showbiz Kids?

‘Showbiz Kids’ is a gripping new documentary on HBO, which looks at the ups and downs in the lives of child actors. The entertainment industry is tough, and several children who aspire to be stars, find themselves burning out before they reach greatness. Even if they do attain fame, it often comes with the additional baggage of trauma and abuse. While ‘Showbiz Kids’ includes accounts from former child stars like Mara Wilson, we also have current aspiring child stars like Marc Slater in the series. Here’s all you need to know about the budding talent.

Where is Marc Slater From?

Marc Slater is a young boy from Florida who has moved to Los Angeles with his mother for the new pilot season. What’s a pilot season, you ask? Pilot season is when the networks decide which of their purchased pilot scripts will be cast, shot, and given an order. Typically, the pilot season runs from January to April and is an excellent time for actors who get numerous scopes of auditions. Here’s Marc striking a relaxed pose in Los Angeles, as part of his online ‘artist/performer challenge.’


Who is in Marc Slater’s Family?

We know that Marc’s mother, Melanie, moved with him to Los Angeles to help the young boy follow his dreams. Marc’s very close to Melanie, as you can see from the adorable picture they have during Halloween. Melanie clearly encourages Marc to become the star he has the potential to be.


Every child needs a lot of love and support, especially if they’re venturing out to be an artist. Luckily for Marc, his father and grandfather are pillars he can lean on. Slater has acknowledged their influence and impact on his life in a heartfelt post, made on Father’s Day. Marc claims to love his father and grandfather to infinity and beyond.


Apart from his immediate family, people often say that our friends are the family that we choose. Marc is blessed to have a fantastic group of friends who ensure that his celebrations are always special. See a post of them together below.


Marc Slater Performances:

Marc has appeared in ‘The Ultimate App Showdown,’ where he plays the part of Steven. Of course, he is seen as himself in the HBO documentary. For now, his roster is limited, but one is sure that Marc will be going places. He is represented by the KMR Agency, which has a rich history of over 60 years in the entertainment business.

Notably, Marc is still young, so his Instagram account is run by his parents, who definitely try to shield him from the uglier side of the industry. This is why Marc’s account becomes so crucial in the HBO documentary. We contrast a voice of hope and expectation against those who are jaded by the industry. We leave you with an image of Marc on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, undoubtedly hoping that he might get an iconic star one day as well. [Cover Image Courtesy: Marc Slater/Instagram]


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