Where was Marcella Filmed?

Nordic noir or Scandi-noir is a sub-genre or style of crime fiction that has found tons of popularity all over the globe. Such stories are usually characterized by the dichotomy between uninteresting social landscapes and dark crimes. They are usually set in Scandinavia, sporting a bleak aesthetic, usually focusing on a police character. ‘Marcella‘ is a British show that attempts to capture this style. However, the show is set in London.

The series revolves around its titular character: a former detective who returns to investigate the case of a serial killer who might have become active again. However, that is not the only thing that Marcella is forced to deal with. She has been experiencing blackout episodes, indicating some form of mental disorder. On top of that, her family life is a mess: with her husband deciding to leave her.

The show is written, produced and directed by Hans Rosenfeldt, a Swedish filmmaker, responsible for ‘The Bridge.’ The character of Marcella is essayed by Anna Friel while Nicholas Pinnock plays her husband’s role.

Marcella Filming Locations

‘Marcella’ might be a Nordic Noir, but it is not set in Scandinavia. It is almost entirely set in London, England. The place is integral to the show because Rosenfeldt wanted to create an original Scandi-noir, not one which feels like a translated Swedish show. Hence, he was careful in depicting the “London-ness” of the characters, apart from the overall visual tone. Thus, it is natural for viewers to wonder whether ‘Marcella’ is actually filmed in London. Has Rosenfeldt attempted to pass off another location as the English city?

London, UK

‘Marcella’ has actually been filmed in London. That is how it manages to capture the setting rather accurately. The big-city feel of London is also quite important for the series as it makes it stand out from other Scandi-noirs.

The show is filmed in a variety of different locations in London. For instance, the first season was mainly filmed in Tower Hamlets and Newham. Both of them are boroughs in the city of London. Apart from that, filming was also carried out in places like Poplar, Will Crooks Estate, Bexley, Haringey, Victoria, and Southwark, according to local sources.

The show attempts to portray characters from all walks of life for a holistic feeling. Hence, various other places in London have also been used for filming purposes. For instance, local sources have revealed that filming took place in Westminster, Brixton Underground Station, and Battersea Park in the borough of Wandsworth. Marylebone in West End, Mornington Crescent, Golborne Road, and Marylebone were some of the other places where filming was carried out.

Shooting also took place in a few locations in Hertfordshire: the town of Dunstable which is 30 miles away from London, Rickmansworth, and the village of Maple Cross. Apart from that, other locations in London where filming was undertaken include Notting Hill, the district of Little Venice, Old Pumping Station in Wapping, and Repton Boxing Club.

While London serves to be an important filming location for the show, the third season has also been shot in Northern Ireland. For instance, several scenes in the third season were filmed in Belfast, as proven by the tweets below:

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